2022 Volume 31 Issue 08 “Knowing Who, How & Why”

My dad has been looked down upon by many of the well educated Pastors and Theologians, because of his poor grammar and his way of delivering his messages.  They may be well educated, but as my dad always says, “There’s a tremendous difference between education and knowledge.”  One can have all the education that the colleges can provide and still be ignorant of God’s Word.  Dad  doesn’t have any fancy letters to place in front of his name, such as Dr. David Bibey, but he has something that’s more valuable and that is God’s anointing.  You see, I know “Who” called my Dad into the Ministry.  It isn’t something He just decided to do one day.  He ran for eight years before giving in to the calling.  I know that God called him and blessed him with an unusual understanding of His Word. I also know “How” he was taught and it wasn’t by any man on this earth.  The Holy Ghost taught him everything he knows about God’s Word.  For as long as I can remember, I have never seen my dad watch any preachers on television for more than five minutes, if that.  Dad has told us that the Lord instructed him to build upon His foundation and not on another man’s.  God would only allow him to listen for a minute or two just to see what was being preached.  He does not read any other books, other than the King James Version of the Holy Bible, nor listen to teachings from any men for the same reasons.  He only listens to the Holy Ghost.  I also know “Why”. If dad were to listen to man and learn that which man taught him, he would probably find himself following and teaching what was learned from him.  What if that person was wrong?  The Apostle Paul tells us, in Galatians 1:11-18, that he was not taught by man, but by the Holy Ghost.  He stayed away from other disciples for more than three years while God was teaching him the true Word.  Paul knew that which he spoke was the absolute truth, because he learned it from the Master.  God taught my Dad so he could stand boldly and proclaim His Word, without doubt, knowing that it is true and powerful.  He has sat here at this desk, writing to you, over the years, to let you know that you are special in God’s eyes.  That God created you for a specific purpose and He will use you and bless you even more abundantly when you come to the knowledge of just how special

you are to Him.  Think of the billions that are in hell wishing they had another chance to accept Jesus Christ and work for Him.  They would give anything to have the opportunity that you and I have today to do God’s work. As dad would say, call someone right now, while it’s on your mind and tell them that Jesus loves them and that He died for them so that they could be saved.  All they must do is seek Him while He may yet be found.  They must repent of their sins and ask Jesus to come into their heart and save their soul.  Then, if you will, tell them to join our telecast this week.     

Coming Up Empty?

As we remember the scripture of Luke 5:1-11.  It reminds us  of how Peter and the disciples had fished all night using their best wisdom, knowledge and experience, but had come up empty handed.  They had absolutely nothing to show for their labor.  Sure they were totally worn out and probably wanting to go home, clean up and get some rest, but here comes this man called Jesus.  He climbs into Peter’s boat and ask him to cast off shore a piece, because the people were pressing upon Him.  He had become so popular, because of His healing ability, that everyone wanted to touch Him.  Even though Peter was tired, something in him agreed and he cast off from shore.  After Jesus had finished His sermon, He told Peter to launch out into the deep and to let down his net and fish.  Peter was tired and was not afraid to let Jesus know that he had already fished all night and caught nothing, but he would try once again just because Jesus had asked him to.  Many reading this letter have toiled night after night and day after day trying to make things happen in your lives, but you have used your knowledge and experience and come up empty.  They were in the same lake, “The Sea of Galilee” as the night before, the same boat and with the same nets and crew.  The only difference was,  now Jesus was on board.  Peter let down the net and immediately the net was so full they could hardly pull it in.  Peter called to the other ship that was with them and they came to help.  They filled both ships so full that they began to sink.  What a difference one man can make.  Does this mean that things can and will be different if we include Jesus in all of our efforts?  It certainly does.  If you 

have been Coming Up Empty lately, it might mean that you have left one person standing on the shore.  If you are like us, right now more than ever, we need all the help we can get.  It’s worth the time to ask Jesus to come on board and follow His directions and commands.  We toil and we labor, but without Jesus centered in everything we do, we have done it in vain.  Again, all that read this letter, it’s not about you and it’s not about us, it’s all about Jesus Christ.  It’s not what we have done for ourselves, but it’s what we’ve done for Jesus Christ that’s going to count in the end.  When our works are tried and judged, in I Corinthians 3:13-15, we shall only receive rewards for that which we have done to exalt Jesus Christ and to glorify God, Jehovah.  Pray that we always include Jesus in our decisions and work and we’ll pray the same for you.   †

Our Offer This Month 

This months offer is an anointed one hour teaching CD entitled, “Facing Your Fears”, Offer #331-G  for a love gift of $12.00 to the ministry.  Thank you God Bless.   †

Jesus Is The Answer


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