2022 Volume 31 Issue 09 “The Prodigal Son”

In Luke Chapter 15, we find the story of two brothers.  Each had an inheritance coming to them and one brother insisted that his Dad give him his immediately.  After receiving his money, he left home and began his adventure.  He lived a sinful worldly life.  He traveled, partied and drank with his so-called friends until he had spent all of his money.  Suddenly those so-called friends were gone and he was left alone.  He got a job taking care of swine. (pigs)  One day while feeding them, he was so hungry he started to get down and eat with the pigs, but then he remembered how it was back home.  He remembered the food that his Dad gave to the hired help.  He said within himself, “I will go home and ask my Dad to forgive me.  I will become one of his servants and have good food to eat.”  So he departed for home and as he got close, his Dad was standing outside with outreached hands ready to hug him and welcome him home.  He greeted him and ordered a calf to be killed and a feast to be served in honor of his lost son that had come home.  This is how our Heavenly Father is toward us when we go astray.  He’s always standing there with outstretched arms waiting for us to come home.  He’s ready to forgive us and prepare a feast for us.  Just as the Dad gave many blessings to his son, God will pour His blessings out upon the backslider that comes home.  God tells us in Jeremiah 3:14 that He is married to the backslider.  This is also found in Hosea 2:19-20.  †

“Walk By Faith” 

Over the years, We have had several individuals tell us that all we have to do is, “Just walk by Faith.”   You know, that’s really not that hard to say, “Just walk by faith.”   You say it.  “Just walk by faith.”  You see, it’s easy to say.  But, now try to do it.  Walking by faith is placing your complete trust in the Lord and none whatsoever in man.  We believe that each of us tend to place our trust in people that we meet and know.  Grandpa’s, Dad’s, Uncle’s, close friends and so on.  All of these will help us if they can, but there comes a time that they can’t help.  Then, who are we going to trust?  There’s only one person that we can place our complete trust in that will always come through for us and that’s Jesus.  Placing our complete trust in Him simply means that we give our situation to Him and totally accept the fact that He will take care of it.  We don’t sit around trying to figure out how He’s going to do it.  God takes the position of testing our faith to see if we will truly stand on His Word.  Just as He tested Abraham’s faith when He told him to offer Isaac for a burnt offering.  We’re told what the Word of God says and many times we are tested to see if we truly believe it.  Evangelist David Bibey has stated dozens of times, from the pulpit, that when he preaches a sermon, within 30 days he has to live it.  This is absolutely the truth.  When he stands before the television cameras and tells you that God will answer your prayers, that He will heal your body and He will deliver you from your bondage, he has to walk that walk and trust God also.  People have said to us, “You all do more with so little than anyone we’ve ever seen.”   Well, it’s not us, it’s God.  We are well acquainted with the faith walk, but there has been many times that we have failed to believe God for our victories.  We have listened to man and looked in the natural at times, but you cannot get the victory when there is the least bit of doubt in your mind or heart.  †

Mountains And Valleys

Do you ever feel as though you are on a roller coaster?  One day you’re up and the next day you’re  down.  We have come to the conclusion this is God’s plan for us.  Life, for God’s Children, is a series of troubles, problems and tests to see how we will handle them.  Our life, here on earth, is a training ground to prepare us for eternal life with our Lord.  If we are to rule and reign with Him forever, we must be prepared.  In order to hold any position of authority, one must be properly trained.  We can go for a walk and if we stay on flat ground, we can walk for miles with no problem of breathing hard, but if we make that same walk up hill it’s not long before we’re panting for breath.  Climbing mountains makes us stronger physically and the same is true spiritually.  When we face problems in this life, we have to learn how to handle them. When we realize the problem is greater than our ability to handle it, we give it to the Lord and place our trust in His ability.  There are certain things that happen in our lives that the Lord expects us to take care of, then there are things He allows us to see if we will place our trust in Him.  A very wise man once said, “Every mountain I’ve had to climb and every valley that I’ve crossed brought me to where I am today.”  Brother Jim Freeman said this years ago.  There’s much wisdom in those words.  There have been many unpleasant mountains and valleys in our lives, but thank God that through them all we are where we are today.  The lessons that we have learned are more precious than all the silver and gold one could possess.  So the next time you are faced with a mountain of a problem, remember the Lord is only strengthening you for the work He has planned for you.  Now, to speak of the valleys we must go through.  If you have ever driven through the mountains, you know that the only way you can get from one mountain to the other is to drive down through the valley.  Also, if you will notice, that nothing grows on the tops of the mountains.  All of the fertile soil has washed down to the valley.  It’s in the valley where you will find the nutrients that causes things to grow and produce fruit.  So, when we have reached the peak of the mountain we have had to climb, we rejoice and praise God that we have overcome. We relax and things are looking great. We know that we are strengthened by the problem we have gone through.  That problem is now behind us, but God now allows us to go through a valley to nurture us and prepare us for the next mountain we must climb.  In the valley we sometimes feel all alone, but it’s in the valley where you really start seeking the Lord.  It’s when you’re down in the valley that the mountain before you looks the tallest and seems impossible to climb.  You, then, realize that you will need help to overcome this journey.  So, you call upon the name of the Lord, who is your help.  †

Offer This Month

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We would like to thank everyone that has ever prayed for and financially supported this ministry over the years. Thank you for being faithful and obedient to God  in helping us to carry the gospel forward. May God Bless You!

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