2022 Volume 31 Issue 11 “The Day Of Redemption”

As a Christian, you were bought for a price.  Christ purchased you with His Blood.  He gave His life for you and when you accepted Him as Lord and Saviour you became His possession.  He made you a promise in John 14:1-5, that He was going to Heaven to prepare a place for you, “His purchased possession.”  There have been times in our lives when we went to purchase new furniture or appliances and we would buy the items we needed, but we would leave the furniture or item at the store until we could go home and prepare a place to put it.  The store would give us a receipt as proof of purchase.  We would go home and make room by removing the old furniture or appliances and cleaning the room.  After the place was ready, we would go back to the store, redeem our receipt and get our purchased product.  Jesus made us the promise that He would go get things ready and then come for us.  There will come a day that Jesus will come in the clouds and redeem His purchased possession.  We can be assured that He will not forget us, nor leave us here to be damaged during the time of wrath.  Looking at the signs of the times, we truly believe His coming is very close.  We all should lift up our heads for our redemption draweth nigh.  †

Growing In Faith

Each of us have a fraction of faith and most of us only use a fraction of the fraction we possess.  God’s will is for us to use the faith He has given us to the fullest extent.  When we speak of growing in faith, we simply mean we should be maturing in our spiritual life as we do in our natural life.  When we have a child, we expect that child to grow each year until he/she is fully matured.  We see that they eat the proper foods, exercise and get plenty of rest.  When you accepted Christ as your Saviour, you were born-again.  God looks at His child and expects that child to eat the proper foods, which is the Word of God.  We need to make sure we have at least three good helpings of the Word every day, because the Word of God is food for our soul.  God also expects us to exercise daily.  We are to use our faith each and every day.  Our faith is like our muscles, the more we use it the stronger it gets.  We exercise our faith by believing for simple things to happen in our lives.  As we see God’s Hand move, in our walk with Him, we then believe for more important things to happen.  Our faith then begins to grow stronger and stronger.  Soon, we will begin speaking to the problems the minute they arrive and command them to leave, knowing that they will disappear.  And last, but not least, is rest.  God wants His Children to rest in Him.  As our faith continues to grow, we know that the Lord is watching over our lives, families, friends, finances, health and all that we have.  We trust Him to take care of everything.  When we come to this place, in our faith walk, we have peace which in turn gives us total rest in Christ Jesus.  †

The Door Left Opened

We read many times in the scriptures, where the doors are opened and closed.  The first place a door is mentioned, is when God spoke to Cain about his offering in Genesis 4:5.  God had, at sometime, explained to the first family the necessity of making a Sacrificial offering for sin if they were to communicate with Him.  There’s no doubt that Cain knew the type of Sacrificial offering that was necessary.  He rebelled against that admonition and expected God to accept the labor of his own hands.  God could not accept such. Man’s labor could not abolish sin then and it cannot cover nor abolish sin now.  A life had to be taken and blood had to be shed.  The sacrifice had to be perfect without blemish.  This is why Jesus Christ came to be the perfect sacrifice for all mankind.  We cannot work our way into heaven, just as Cain’s very best was not good enough.  We have to have Jesus Christ’s Blood applied to our sins.  Another door that’s mentioned is found in Matthew 25:10.  In this parable, ten virgins went out to meet the Bridegroom (Jesus).  There were five wise and five foolish.  All thought they were prepared and everything was complete.  However, as the time drew near, the five foolish virgins realized that they were lacking and were not fully prepared.  Their lamps were not filled with oil.  In other words, the Blood had not been applied to their hearts.  Even though they had lamps just as the five wise virgins, their offering or sacrifice would not be accepted, just as Cain’s was rejected, but just before the Bridegroom (Jesus) came, they went to make things right, but in the parable while they were gone He came.  The five wise virgins, which were prepared, entered in at the door and then the Bridegroom closed the door.  When the five foolish virgins returned, they pleaded with the Bridegroom to open the door, but it was closed forever.  In John 10:7, Jesus Christ is telling us that He is the door.  In John 10:9 He says, “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.”  In writing this letter to you, this door is open.  All which answers the call of repentance, which comes from the Holy Spirit, may enter the door.  As you approach the door, everything must be complete.  Only those which have the Blood, which was shed by Christ on Calvary, will be allowed to enter in.  Many will come to the door and cry out because of their works, but their works will be rejected just as Cain’s were.  Many will wait until the last minute, thinking they will have plenty of time, just as the five foolish virgins, but they will be left behind, because the door will close.  When God gives the command, “Son go get my Children,” the trump will sound, the shout will come and Jesus Christ will step out on the clouds.  Those that are fully prepared will join Him there, to ever be with Him.  We must warn the lost that the DOOR is still open and they may enter in if they will repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour.  †

God tells us to bring our tithes into His House. Please consider sending your tithes to this Ministry, where souls are being saved.  †

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