2020 Issue 8 "Working For Jesus"

As I've said before, Debbie and I, have been working for Jesus for more than 35 years. I may have told this story before, but it's worth telling again. I had a man and his wife watching our telecast every week. They lived in Raleigh, which is about 70 miles from our church. they started driving down, every week, to be in our services and after several months, the gentleman told me he had to have minor surgery. I knew the doctor that would be doing the surgery very well. My wife and I, drove to Raleigh that morning to be with him and his wife. I talked with the doctor and he assured me all would be well. The man came through the procedure with no complications. He went home in a day or so. On Sunday, our program was airing. The cable company, in his area, was having problems. They couldn't see our telecast and the man really got upset. He was complaining about the company, he had a massive heart attack and died.

I said all of that to explain this. About four months earlier, I was talking to God and He told me where He would send me to proclaim His Word. One of the places was, "South America." I didn't know a soul in South America, but God had a plan. I was asked to preach the funeral of the Brother in Christ and I told the family it would be a pleasure to speak of this great man's testimony. One of his Sons lived in California and his wife was from Argentina, which is in South America. I told them about my conversation with God and I found that they were Christians, also and she told me that she would arrange for me to have a meeting in Argentina. She also was and is a great interpreter. Together, she, her husband, my wife and I have made several trips to Argentina and I've preached in many different cities and seen thousands saved.

God has a plan and you're part of it. When we arrived in the town where we were to stay, we met a young couple and they gave us their home for the week. They had two small boys and they moved out and let us stay in their small two bedroom home. They have done this every time we have gone there. I preached in one city that was about 20 miles from where we were staying and we had about 7,000 attend each night. This was an outdoor service and two to three hundred would come to be saved each night. I preached for several nights. God has blessed this young couple tremendously. The man worked at a shoe store down town and the lady was a school teacher. Their total household income wasn't over $500.00 a month. After showing his love for God, he bought the shoe store and enlarged his house. Now, he has opened his second or third shoe store and they stay at home when we come and we have plenty of room, because they have enlarged their home so much. They can't speak English and we can't speak Spanish, but we get by fine. They have set up meetings in different towns all over Argentina and we have seen thousands saved. Again, none of this would be possible without your prayers and support.

Let me tell you how God moves. I think it was our last night in an outdoor crusade and it was about 12:00 midnight. Everyone was leaving, but I noticed a family that stayed behind, like they wanted to speak with us. Debbie and I walked over and began to speak with them, but we soon found that we needed our interpreter. She came over and they explained that their 13 year old daughter had never talked. We prayed with the family and Debbie continued working and praying with the girl. After about an hour, it had to have been close to 2:00 in the morning, the girl began to speak. She was saying, "Praise the Lord," and several other sentences. It only took faith to heal her. God saw that she was serious and so were we and He moved. 

I have many stories to share with you, but I need to hear from you. Do you want to hear more about our mission work? Please write or call and let me know. It's all about saving money for the Ministry. We send you letters each month, informing you of the different activities we're involved in. If you wish to continue receiving our news letter, please let us know. We want you to get it, but if you're not interested in reading it, we can save the Ministry lots of money. If you're getting more than one copy at an address, please inform us, as we can save money there also. Every dollar counts, when you're on a strict budget.

Speaking of Money

I know I'm always asking for help, but as I'm sure you know, it cost every time you turn around. I told some, the other day, our heating and cooling system has been giving me trouble for the last year. It's only 30 years old. You would think it would at least last a life time. You know I'm kidding, but it does have to be replaced. We have 10 five ton units heating and cooling our buildings. Right now, it would cost about $40,000.00 to bring the system up to date.

Also, I was informed last week that a piece of our TV equipment was gone and needed to be replaced. $2,800.00 was the bid we received. We have to have this equipment to continue going into thousands of homes, each week, preaching to millions of people. You might not realize how many people we reach, each week, but it's a lot. It cost a small fortune to keep things running, but it's worth it all, when you hear a sinner repeat the sinners prayer and give their heart to Jesus. Please send what you can and help us help others. 

 Sharing Our Adventures

This is exactly what Jesus is doing in the Bible. He's sharing His trips and adventures with us. Of course, His are far more exciting. However, I would like to continue sharing what I've seen and been through, since I've been working for Jesus. You must correspond with me and let me know if you wish to hear of my journeys. I'm not boasting in myself, but in Christ Jesus, who has sent me, everywhere, to proclaim His Word. God still uses people and He wants to use you. Jesus started with twelve and now has tens of thousands.