2020 Issue 9 "Why Not Me?"

I'm sure I've told this story before, but I feel it's necessary to tell it again. It's so important for us not to place ourselves in front of others or to feel that we may be better than anyone else. I was buying timber several years ago, when I learned of an older lady that was interested in selling her timber. I called and set an appointment to see her the next day. I arrived at her home and to my surprise, I learned she was blind. As I entered her home she made the statement, "I know that voice," she asked me if I was a preacher? At this time, I had not introduced myself. She had been listening to our telecast, every Sunday Morning and she knew my voice. You see, God had told me that I could never take money for preaching, so for the first five years in the Ministry, I bought and sold timber plus held three services at the church, each week, one in the local prison and one to three services in the local rest home. I was a busy person. This lady immediately was interested in me purchasing her timber, however, she wanted her son to close the deal and I fully agreed that she needed someone to oversee the terms and figures. Trying not to be invasive nor intrusive, I asked her how long she has been blind? She replied that she had started going blind about twenty years earlier. I asked the foolish question, "Did she ever miss her sight?" She replied, that she had asked God, "Why me," God replied to her, "Why Not You?" She began to think. She had rather be blind than to see this happen to her son and to her grandchildren. God taught her and me a great lesson that day, it has been more than 25 years, since this conversation. I have not and hopefully never will forget it. I've learned so many valuable lessons over the years. God always knows what's best in our lives. I hope you don't mind me sharing some with you. 

Our Outreaches

We're covering every city in the United States by television and from Penn. to Florida and from South Carolina to Nebraska by radio. We're preaching in rest homes, each week and ministering where ever we can. We're feeding the hungry and clothing the naked with physical and spiritual food and clothing. We have children in Haiti that depend on us for help and they have for more than 20 years. We may not be the best or largest Ministry in town, but we try. Thank You for helping. Since I've gotten older, I've had to slow down some. I can't go like I used to. But I try. Again, Thank you!

The Power of God

I've been known to mention the Power of God often in my preaching. Why, because it's my strength and boldness. When Satan comes at me, it's the Power of God that rises up in my body to come against him. Jesus promises us the Power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon us. (Acts 1:8) He instructs us to wait upon the power, before we go forth. We can go into any store and shout out the name of David, Mike or Jim and people will go about their business, but go in the same store at the same time and shout out the name of Jesus and all will stop and look. There's something about the name of Jesus.

Victory, Victory, Victory

Who can defeat a child of God? Who can stop you? Who can hinder you? No one. You have the victory already, just claim it. It's yours, Christ paid for it and gave it to you. No weapon, that the devil has or can dream up, shall ever be successful against you. You are somebody, you're a Child of the King. Don't turn tail and run when the devil comes against you. Don't show weakness, but stand tall and speak those things that are not as though they were. Claim your victory, it's yours, now celebrate. 

 To All That Call Themselves Pastors

God has a warning message to you. He will not tolerate your ignorance of His Word. You stand in the pulpits across this great Nation, proclaiming God has called you to preach His Gospel, when you haven't even read it. If you had read it, yo would know that you have to study it to show yourselves approved. We have preachers, today, appointing themselves to the position for financial gain. God is sending a warning,  He will not tolerate this any longer.  People are starving, children are going to bed hungry, while these so called preachers are lining their pockets with money that should be used for the needy. Most of these men don't meet the minimum qualifications for the positions. I'm not sure if the congregations understand the importance of the office  on Pastors. A truly ordained Pastor is the mouth piece of God. His position is more important than the President of the United States, because He speaks for the most high. Every knee in the world has to bow before his boss. The office of a called and anointed Pastor is the highest honor one can have. 

Just Stand

The Bible tells us, when we have our back against the wall, to just stand. Then we can see the salvation of the Lord. When we can do absolutely nothing for our situation, God steps in and saves us from the obstacles we face. When God and only God, will receive all the glory for our deliverance, then and only then will He deliver us. This is why, Moses when Israel stood on the shore of the Red Sea with Pharaoh chasing them shouted, "Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord." God had shown him that he had to place all of his trust in God for Israel to be delivered. This is where we are, today. We have to fully trust God for deliverance from our problems. He will never fail us, when we completely trust Him. 

A Special Thank You!

I needed to say this and it's for those of you that stepped up to help this Ministry when we needed help. We're still winning souls and coming into your home, each week, because of the obedience of a few. Just think of what we could be doing, if the others would help. Will you consider helping with your love gift every month?