2020 Issue 10 "When Will He Come?"

Only God knows when He will send His Son, "Jesus," back to Earth to get His Children. All Christians know and believe that Jesus is coming soon, but no one really knows when. We wait patiently and look diligently for His return. If you are not saved, you only have this moment to accept the finished work Christ did on Calvary. Be ye ready, because He is coming. 

God Shows Up

When we dig a hole and climb in it or when we get our backs to the wall, we can always count on our Lord to show up and bail us out. Many times we take our shovel into the hole with us and we try to escape by digging more. We are very slow to learn, that we cannot dig ourselves out of the situation we have created for ourselves. When Israel found themselves standing at the Red Sea with Pharaoh at their back, they had to stand still and watch as God saved them again. This is why God told Moses to tell Israel, "To stand still and see the salvation of the Lord." God wanted them to watch Him do the work and save them from their enemy. He is still God and He wants us to trust Him the same way. God loves to deliver His children from the enemy and show the devil that he, "God," is still boss. This is why God allows us to get ourselves into different situations. We find ourselves in circumstances, where we have no where to turn, but to God. This builds our faith and strengthens our Spirit Man. 

Working For Our Lord

I truly thank God for using me and my family in the way He has chosen us to work for Him. Over the years, we have witnessed God's Hand move so many times to help His Children. He has taught me a very important lesson and that is, when I get myself into a very sticky situation, I'm to just ask Him for help and wait patiently for Him to show up. I want to assure you, that He will deliver those that are true to Him and fully trust Him. There's no problem to large or too small for Him to conquer. When you ask Him for help, you must first be living for Him, (not playing games) and you must fully believe that He will help you. There can be no doubt what so ever. It must be full faith. God has never left one of His in a valley or facing a great problem. He has always delivered them and He will always be there to deliver you, when you call. 

The Journey To The Creek

I think there were eight of us that went to Haiti to put the roof on the #4 Church. We ended up building 7 churches in the Country of Haiti over the years. We had been in the jungles of La-Cayes for several days. We were sleeping in tents on the ground on the site where we were building the church. Three weeks earlier, the voo-doo leaders had heard we were coming to build a church in this village. They came and killed 17 of the head men, in the village and told the people not to allow the church to be built or more would die. The voo-doo priest knew we were there and they beat their drums all night, every night. They were about 100 yards deeper in the jungle. We would lay there in our tents and listen to them trying to frighten us away, but we knew God had sent us and He would take care of us. We had rented a generator in La-Cayes and we used it to run a skill saw that we had brought with us. We had worked hard for two days and the saw dust had hardened on us, because of the dampness from our sweat. I knew I had to take a bath. I asked James where we could bathe? He informed me that there was a creek a little ways down the road. 

I was so miserable, I didn't think, but I knew all of the creeks in Haiti, that I had seen, were very green and covered with very thick green moss. The Haitian's cattle would wade out into the water during the heat of the day to cool and there they would relieve themselves of all body waste and fluids. As I had said, "I was miserable." We each grabbed a towel and started down the dark dirt road. By the way, it was around midnight when we started this journey. We walked and we walked, I asked James, "How much father?" he replied, "Oh not far, just a short way." After we finally reached the creek, all we had were two flashlights between us. I climbed out on a piece of concrete or a rock, I never did know which it was. I looked through a small opening in the green mossy cover on the water and I could see two stones on the bottom. The slope of the rock I was on, would only allow me to mover a very small way and then I would reach the point of no return. I reasoned with myself and made the decision that I would let go, slip down the rock, let my foot hit the larger flat rock in the bottom of the creek and finally get the saw dust off of my body. This was a very bad decision.

For those that may not know, there are no poisonous snakes in Haiti. If there were, all of the Haitians would have already died. Getting back to my story, I let go, not thinking of the slime that was on the rock and that it might be sitting at an angle on the bottom. I slid off of the big rock, remember I couldn't have stopped if I had wanted to. My foot hit the rock and it was slimy, my foot slid into the other rock and broke my big toe. That's right, "Broke it." Here I am, at least 1 mile from my tent and 150 miles from any City of help. Plus, I still have to work for another week. We left the creek, I really don't know if we were any cleaner or not, but I'm sure I felt cleaner. I was in great pain and it felt like we walked twenty miles to get back to our tents. After having a broken toe before, I knew there was nothing I could do, but leave my shoe on. My problem was, I didn't have a shoe on. I had walked back to the tent barefooted. I quickly grabbed my boot, put it on, tied it as tight as I could, knowing I had to wear it for a week. Needless to say, I was in great pain for a while, but all I could think of was how much pain Jesus felt for me. †