2017 Issue 9 “Our Daily Prayer"

Since each of us study God's Word, we know what His will is. Therefore, all we must do, is praise Him and let our request be known. The Lord has made us many promises throughout the Bible, so all He wants us to do, is have faith to claim them. A Christian should have everything they need and the things they desire. I don't believe a true Christian would every pray for anything that would harm them or anyone else. James tells us in James Chapter One, Verse 17, "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning." God is no respecter of persons. If you and I ask for the same thing and we both exercise the same true faith, we shall both receive that which we asked for. There's no variableness with God.

He loves one, just as much as He loves the other. When we know what He promises us, we can stand firm know that He can and will deliver. My belief is not to repeat my prayer, but believe that God heard me the first time and believe that my answer is on the way. When the answer doesn't show up the first day, I praise God knowing the devil is mad and is trying to hinder my faith. Read Daniel Chapter 10. Gabriel told Daniel that God heard his prayer the very first day and sent his answer, but the fallen angels of Satan tried to prevent the delivery of Daniel's answer for 21 days. Gabriel was the deliverer and was fought for 21 days. He finally won the victory and delivered Daniel's request. Had Daniel doubted, Gabriel would have had to turn back and returned to Heaven. 

When you pray, today, for a certain request and then pray again tomorrow for the same thing, you're showing doubt. You didn't believe that God heard you and was sending your answer in the first place. I've found the secret, is to ask believing and then forget it until your request is answered. During this period of time, Satan will try to cause you to doubt, so that you'll not have a testimony of how great God is, plus you'll not have your answer. When Satan reminds you of your prayer and tells you that God doesn't hear you, that's when you really need to start praising the Lord and thanking Him for your blessings. I like to remind the devil that I've given it all to Jesus and if he has a problem with that, he needs to talk to Him about my prayer. I simply wait patiently and thank God for my answer.†

Trying Times

Some people don't understand the meaning of the phrase, "Trying times." Sometimes, when you are faced with a trying situation and you can't understand why it's happening to you, it could be a test to see how you will handle it. I'm a firm believer that, Satan can do absolutely nothing without God's permission or without God allowing it. Therefore, when difficult things, happen, we're to look for the good that can come from the event. We're not to try to second guess God. I'm sure you've heard others say, "When you have a flat tire, it could be to keep you from going down the road and having an accident." This is just a simple example. We see tragedies happen and it just doesn't seem right, but we're looking through carnal eyes at a very small portion of God's plan and God is looking at the entire picture. A child dies, a wreck occurs, a storm destorys or sickness hinders and our flesh wants to question God and ask, "Why?" but we're to praise the Lord and look for the good that's to come. Sometimes the Lord allows things to happen, in our lives, to get our attention. Maybe you've dropped our of church and you're not reading your bible or praying like you used to. 

It seems that when things go wrong, in our lives, we turn to God. We pray more and sometimes we find ourselves back in church where we're suppose to be. Then there are times that certain things arise and we have to make decisions. These things could be happening to see if we will give the problem to God and trust Him to take care of it or if we'll try to handle it ourselves. The Lord wants us to place our total trust in Him. It's our faith that moves His hand and provides deliverance.


I must mention this once again. The Bible says in James 4:2, "Yet ye have not, because ye ask not." I don't like asking people to support spreading God's Word. I feel they should automatically want to do it. However, we're at a point that's getting pretty serious. There's a great falling away in this land  and fewer people care about moral issues. It's OK to do just about any kind of sin that's out there. I'm called to warn sinners to repent, therefore, I'm not very popular with the world. For over 25 years, many of you have turned on your television sets and took it for granted that our telecast would be there to encourage you or at least entertain you.

Well, it's time to pay the piper. I need your help. If this Ministry doesn't receive a substantial amount of support soon, you'll not see our program any longer. I'm talking about tens of thousands of dollars. You might say, "I can't help, because I don't have that kind of money." No, but you do have some. Every little bit helps. I'm doing what the Lord has lead me to do, I'm asking. If one Sunday you turn on your TV and we're not there, you'll know the people were disobedient. Please help.

Wrong Offering Last Letter, We Made A Mistake

I finished a writing that is suitable to be framed, you should hang it in your home. It's printed on ivory colored parchment paper with brown ink and it's beautiful. The Title is, "God's Conditions For Answered Prayer." This wall display contains 10 conditions for answered prayer. It offers over 15 different scriptures to verify God's Will. We're offering this again, for "FREE." Please limit this offer to one per household. Send a love gift if possible. †