2020 Issue 11 "Where Do You Stand?"

He's coming soon and there's no doubt, I'm going to leave this world with a shout. What about you? We need to know for sure that we are His Children. I know some preachers tell their Congregations, "It's a hope so or maybe so, situation. That's not what the Word of God says, John says, "These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God." I truly believe that John knew more about God's Word, than the preachers of this day. God had John write five books of the Bible. The Gospel of St. John, I John, II John, III John and the book of Revelation. John clearly writes that we can know that we have eternal life. We know that we believe on the name of Son of God. Which is, "Jesus Christ."

The Next Episode of The Trip To Romania

While attending the small Baptist Church in Bucharest we met a young man and he spoke very good English. His Mother was very sick and lived about 100 miles from where we were. He agreed to translate for me if I would take him to see his mom. Of course that was not a problem. We left the city the next morning about 9:00 AM. As we traveled down the road, we passed by hundreds of acres covered with high towers with a type of screen running between the towers. I quickly asked Mario and the young man what it was. They replied, "it's part of the radio free Europe's Iron Curtain." Some reading this letter, may not know what I'm talking about, but when I was younger, there was an Iron Curtain that would block the radio signals from entering Europe. Noe one in the area could hear the gospel. This was there for many years, and when communism fell, everything opened up. You must remember, communism had just fallen in Romania.

As we continued down the road, I saw a wagon train of gypsies passing by. They were in their covered wagons drawn by oxen. As we passed them, they began to pull off the road and circle the wagons. I guess because it was about lunch time and they had to prepare their food. I had Mario turn around and go back to them. As I got out of the car, I knew that God had better be with me, because it sure was spooky. I approached the man that looked like was in charge of everything. I began to tell him I had a gift for him and all that were traveling with him.

He didn't want to talk, but with the help of the interpreter I finally got him to stop and listen. He still wanted nothing to do with us and finally, "his daughter" came over, we didn't know at the time she was his daughter. She was about 20-25 years old. I started telling them about how God created the World and how man had fallen in the Garden of Eden. I explained why God had sent Jesus, so we would not have to go to hell and that we had to repent of our sins and ask Jesus to come into our heart and save us. I went into much more detail, but it was time to give the invitation or as I call it, "The Altar Call." At first no one came forth. Then, the young girl, (The leader's daughter), began to cry and she came up to be saved. Her Dad followed, he was crying also. We had 7 Salvations that day and we were blessed. The gift we had for all of them was Eternal Life. After explaining this to them, we left them literature printed in Romanian and went on our way. Upon reaching the village, where his Mom lived, she was so excited to see him. We prayed for her and he felt that she was so sick, that he needed to stay with her. Which was fine with us. We left to go back to the city. 

We had not had a good meal in about two weeks. I finally go through to Mario that we were hungry and that I would buy his dinner if he would find a good restaurant. We traveled about five more miles and he stopped at what looked like a fine restaurant beside the road. We went in and there was no one there. Finally a waiter came and ordered a Pepsi since we were about to perish. I decided to go all out, so I ordered steaks for all (what a mistake). I kept telling them, I wanted a beef "steak," but they could not understand. Finally they first brought out our Pepsis, which where great. Next they brought bread, which had green mold all over it. I sent it back and asked for fresh bread. A few minutes later, the waiter came back with the same tray and bread with holes all over the bread, where they had pinched off the mold. Then came the steaks, you couldn't cut them with the sharpest of knives, much less chew it. We left disappointed and about five miles down the road, Mario pointed to some horses standing in a field and said, "Beef." We now knew why the steaks were so tough. They had served us horse meat. 

We went back to the room and I went back to the streets telling everyone that Jesus did love them and died for their sins. I don't know if anyone understood me or not, but they received the Word of God in their language. I did this for about 5 days. We were about to perish of thirst, so I finally explained to Mario that we needed water. You could not find water for sale anywhere. We finally bought two bottles of what we thought was orange juice and later found out that it was Mango juice (which is a natural laxative). We were in a mess. We went down town to the restaurants, but no water. We started walking down the street, we went from one business to another. We finally found a bar that sold bottled water. I ordered four bottles. They brought it out and the bottles were filled with water, but the water had E. coli in them. We couldn't drink it. We went back to the room and drank mango juice the rest of the time. When it was time for us to leave, a Christian man from the Baptist Church came and took us to the airport. He had remembered when we said we were leaving. We truly hated to leave, but how nice it was.