2020 Issue 13 "Why Should We Speak of Jesus?"

Jesus holds the world together. We are living in the age of Christ. We have set our time frame on Jesus. From 0 BC., until now, 2020 AD. Before Christ birth, we measured time while man awaited His birth. So everyday was BC or before the birth of Christ. Now, that He has been born and has risen, but not yet returned the second time, we are living in His age. This we call AD. It's after His death, but not after His return, so all of man's time frame is judged by Jesus' life. He has always been and will be forever. We have to tell everyone we see, that Jesus is the healer of their body, their deliverer from evil, the savior of their soul, their provider, their defense in a time of trouble, He is Alfa and Omega, the Bright and Morning Star, the Rose of Sharon, the Great I Am, the Beginning and the End and so much more. We need to share Jesus with everyone we know and meet. Where would you be without Him? You have known about Jesus all your life, but there was a day when you had that personal relationship with Him and realized that He was real and a real help to those that trusted Him. The Bible tells us, that His Heavenly name was The Word and when He came to Earth, His Earthly name was called, "Emanuel, or "Jesus". There's no other name for a man to be saved. Jesus is the answer for all problems that may come your way.


God demands and requires obedience. We must always remember that He is the Creator and we are His creatures. All through God's Word He tells is what we're to do, but many times we had rather follow flesh and therefore we become disobedient. Our blessings depend largely on our obedience. There are millions of people living below God's standards simply because, they choose not to obey His Word. They are depriving their families, (especially their children), from the blessings God has for them. Children are hurting from broken homes, going to bed hungry at night and going to school depressed. All of this is happening simply because, Moms and Dads had rather follow flesh than worry about their children. I was raised differently and I hope you were. Let's do our very best to tell people that there's a better way. Thank you for helping us help others. Your prayers and financial support keep us on television and radio, every week, proclaiming the truth. We want everyone free and that's what the truth will do.

Who Are You?

We, each, need to know who we are in Jesus. Few people know that God chooses those whom He wants as His Children and to live with Him in His home. This is one of the reasons why He commands us to study His Word. In II Timothy 2:15 it clearly says, "Study to shew thyself approved." The Bible doesn't say "Please or if you have time." it just tells us to study. Once we realize who we are and that the world cannot control us, then and only then can we have the peace that God wants us to have.

Victory, Victory, Victory

Who can defeat a child of God? Who can stop you? Who can hinder you? No one. You have the victory already, just claim it. It's yours, Christ paid for it and gave it to you. No weapon, that the devil has or can dream up, shall ever be successful against you. You are somebody, you're a Child of the King. Don't show weakness, but stand tall and speak those things that are not as though they were. Claim your victory, it's yours, now celebrate. Jesus is Your Answer. Just call on Him.

"It is Finished"

These famous words were spoken by our Lord and Savior while He was on the Cross. What do you think he meant when He uttered these words? My interpretation is, He was telling His Father that he had completed His mission for which He was sent. Why was He sent? He was sent to redeem man from Satan. He was to take our place at Calvary. He was to die for our sins, so we could have eternal life with Him and His Father. He accomplished everything God had sent Him to do, therefore we have to do nothing, but believe His word. Jesus did it all for us. When we exercise our faith to receive this finished work, we are saved as we are ever going to be. Paul clearly tells us in Ephesians 2:8-9 "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast." My question is:, Why do you think God had Paul to write this in the Holy Bible? Every Word of the Bible is truth. I believe that O'. saved through my faith in Jesus Christ and that I cannot live a life good enough to save myself.

Just Stand

The Bible tells us, when we have our back against the wall, to just stand. Then we can see the salvation of the Lord. When we can do absolutely nothing for our situation, God steps in and saves us from the obstacles we face. Then God and only God, will receive all the glory from our deliverance, then and only then, will He deliver us. This is why, Moses when Israel stood on the shore of the Red Sea with Pharaoh chasing them shouted, "Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord'. God had shown him that he had to place all of his trust in God for Israel to be delivered. This is where we are, today. We have to fully trust God for deliverance from our problems. He will never fail us, when we completely trust him.

A Special Thank You!

I needed to say this and it's for those of you that stepped up to help this Ministry when we needed help. We're still winning souls and coming into your home, each week, because of the obedience of a few. Just think of what we could be doing, if the others would help. Will you consider helping with your love gift every month?