2020 Issue 15 "No Prayer, No Power"

Some Churches, today, have their normal routines and schedules made out for what they are going to do and what is going to be preached on for that day, in other words, they prepare what they want to happen that day, but something is missing in Church Services today. No one is inviting Jesus Christ to be apart of it! A service without the Master Builder, the Author of Wisdom, without the Source of Power, is only a meeting, nothing more. Many are being deceived by thinking, "This is what I'm going to do and I'm trusting God to bless it." WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! God is under no obligation to bless what you choose to do on your own. You haven't sought His way, desire or wish. We wonder why we don't see great things happening in our churches, lives and jobs. We have left out the main ingredient, Prayer. When we sincerely pray to the Lord asking for His guidance, directions and instructions, we cannot fail to receive His blessings. A sincere prayer will open doors that we cannot even imagine, but there's another ingredient in this recipe and that's waiting for our answers. Some will pray and immediately act upon their thoughts or feelings, not allowing time to hear from Heaven, then wonder, "Why hasn't God blessed this move?" When God is invited into a Church Service and is given freedom to move as He chooses, His Power and Anointing will fall upon His people and you will know that you have been in the presence of the Lord. Prayer must be heart felt and sincere for God to move. We must pray with 100% total Faith and invite the Lord to take over the service. You have to know that God has heard you and that He will deliver that which you have asked of Him. If you are a Church, that only has meetings, you might want to begin the service by praying and inviting the Lord to take over the service and if you are in a Church where the Holy Ghost isn't welcome, you need to  leave  that  Church  immediately. If God isn't welcome and the Spirit isn't moving in a powerful way, get out. Where there's No Prayer, There's No Power. If you're in a Church that has No Prayer and No Power and doesn't allow the Holy Ghost to move freely, we invite you to come visit with us at Crossroads Community Church. You may ask why? We invite the Lord to take over the service and the Holy Ghost to move freely. You'll be fed Spiritually and you'll leave blessed after every service.

Jesus Knows

Many of us waste so much time trying to tell people, we care about, to repent and accept God's plan of salvation. We need to be sharing with everyone that only God can do the saving. Not everyone can or will be saved, only those whom God draws by the Holy Ghost. (John 14:5 and John 6:44) Jesus always has perfect timing. Don't fail to realize or remember, that Jesus knows everything. You might convince yourself that things are alright and God understands why you have sinned, but you're wrong. The Bible clearly tells us that no sin shall inherit the kingdom of God. If our Faith in Jesus Christ was all we needed, then why did the Holt Ghost instruct the Apostles to write the Bible? The plan of salvation could have been written on one page in one verse. We want everyone to work out their plan of salvation with God. He gives us commands in the New Testament and he never says, "Please obey them." but we are commanded to obey His Word. Please study God's Word to show yourselves approved. He loves you and cares for you as we do. He doesn't like your sins and neither do we, but we care for your soul.

Ask Your Friends

I ask you to ask your friends, if they would like to get our news letter, twice a month. Some don't know the truth and many don't know where to find it. It cost you nothing to ask them. It might save their soul from HELL. Our news letters are free and they are very informative. Also, tell them about our telecast. They may not be interested, but at least you have tried. If anyone wants our news letter, all we need is their name and mailing address. Please make sure that they do want to receive it, because it cost us a lot of money to produce it and mail it. We would love for them to receive it, because we feel it will help the lost person get saved, as well as encourage and strengthen the righteous through every trial and every valley that they may be going through. Try to contact at least ten families in the next ten days and encourage them to watch the telecast and/or receive our News Letters. I'm sure they will be blessed. Please continue to pray for this Ministry as we keep going forward spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We thank you for your support.

Our Television Ministry

Is this Ministry a blessing to you? Is it a type of Church for you? Are you fed Spiritually when you watch our service? If you answered, "Yes" We want you to become a part of our Media Church Family and help us do more. For years we have struggled to keep the Word of God in your homes and we need your Prayers and support more than ever to continue. Many souls are being saved and lives are being changed, because of this Ministry. If you would like to make a donation by credit card or debit card call 1-800-744-5255

Sinner's Prayer

If the Holy Ghost has placed you under conviction, you fear of going to Hell, you need to repent and ask Jesus to come into your heart. Please repeat: Father God, I'm a sinner, please forgive my sins. I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Your Son and I believe in my heart You raised Him from the dead. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and be my Saviour.