2017 Issue 7 "Joy"

I have mentioned multiple times of how God woke me from my sleep in a motel in Texas, and had me read Isaiah 55. It was back in the mid eighties, before our Ministry Outreaches were ever thought of. I was reading this Chapter again this morning and Verse 12 jumped out at me. It seemed as though the Lord was telling me, "I told you I would give you joy and peace." I must say, the past 26 years have been the joy of my life. Even though I've had battle after battle, it's been a wonderful walk and God has given me peace through it all. I've been blessed to have a small part in seeing tens of thousands give their lives to Christ. Thousands have been set free from addictions and the bondage of the devil. I've truly had peace in knowing that God has been in control all through my walk. When we totally surrender to God, He will handle all of our problems.

Instead of mountains being a hindrance to you, God will make them sing to you. Nehemiah tells us in 8:10, the joy of the Lord is our strength. So, what is there to fear? If God be for us, who can be against us? Rejoice and be glad that you are a Child of God, saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ.†

Nothing Too Big

Over the years, I've learned that problems will come my way frequently. I've also learned that even when I give them to Jesus, the devil will come to me and constantly remind me of the problem. I've learned to stand on James 4:7, "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." You must remember, you have been adopted into the family of God and you're joint heirs with Jesus Christ. Since Jesus is older than you, He's your older brother. 

When Satan comes around to remind you of the problem you gave to God, tell him to go talk to your older Brother Jesus. Let Satan know that you've given the problem to Jesus and he will now have to take it up with him. You must remember, in Romans Chapter 14, there are no powers other than those ordained by god. God has not and never will give Satan more power than He gave His own Son Jesus. Remind Satan, that Christ has already defeated Him at the Cross and will defeat him again in the future. Let Satan know that he's not to bully you again and your older Brother will defend you. We know Christ gave us power over the enemy in Luke 10:19, but sometimes we just need Him to fight for us. remember, you have total victory in every situation that arises.†

The Gifts

I still have people ask me about the Gifts of the Spirit that God promises all of His Children. I know I've taught on this subject, several times over the years, but recently the Lord instilled in my heart to do an in depth teaching on this subject. Later, I'll tell you of a special offer we have on this teaching, but for now I want to explain why you need the power these Gifts provide. I can leave North Carolina headed for California in a new, stripped down, super plain General Motors automobile. A four cylinder with no air, no power windows, doors or brakes. A straight drive. This vehicle will get me to my destination in a timely manner or I can drive from North Carolina to California in a new deluxe Cadillac with all the bells and whistles. A V-8 with an automatic transmission. Every thing power, cruise control, the works. Both vehicles will get me to my destination, but the Cadillac will be much more comfortable and more powerful. You reside in a vehicle called, "Your Body." You've accepted Christ as your Saviour, so you're headed to Heaven. Your Salvation will get you to your destination, but as you know there will be battles, hindrances and difficult times.

What most people don't understand is, God wants you to have the finest bells and whistles available. The Power and all the great comforts come with the Gifts of the Spirit and everything is yours for the asking or you might say, yours for the choosing. The Lord loves you way more than you love your children. You might say, "That's impossible," but it isn't. His love is far greater than anything we can imagine. His desire is for each of us to be as happy and blessed as possible.†


That's the magic number in the Bible. The Lord Jesus Christ tells us, that we must forgive those that sin against us 7 x 70 each day. That's 490 a day. I try my best to remember this always. I've been accused of guilt by association with people that have sinned against me and other, but when that person or those people asked me to forgive them, I did and it must be placed behind me. Some say they forgive, but they hold a grudge, that's not forgiveness. We must show Christian love when a person ask for forgiveness. 

Sometimes, it seems as though it's over 490 a day, but it isn't. Once you've forgiven the person and you try to move on doing what's right, suddenly Satan shows up and reminds you of how you were hurt. That's when you send him to Jesus and allow Jesus to handle it. †

Our Offer

I'm sure some criticize me for always making offers, but it accomplishes tow things. First and foremost, it places the Truth in homes all across the nation and second, it brings funds into the Ministry, which are desperately needed. I recently completed a two hour teaching on the "Gifts of the Spirit." This teaching gives Chapters and Verses on each of the nine Gifts, which God promises His Children. I give you scriptures that show that you can receive any of these gifts. This is a two part teaching on 2 CDs. This teaching goes into great detail and it's a must, if you have questions about the Gifts being for today. We're offering the 2 CD package for a love gift to the Ministry for $15.00 or more. We pay all postage and packaging. Thanks! †