2020 Volume 30 Issue 2 "The Spiritual Gifts of God"

We are not going to try to get you to accept our beliefs, but we're going to give you Book, Chapter and Verse of different places in God's Word for you to study and allow God to show you the truth. Many of you, reading this letter, may already possess God's Power, but we're sure there are some that doubt and therefore, they don't have what we have. Let's examine God's Holy Word and see if we can find the truth. Let's begin in first Corinthians Chapter 12. The first thing we find, is that God doesn't want us to be ignorant. Paul teaches us of the works of the Divine Trinity in Verses 4-6.

  1. God's Spiritual Gifts are delivered by the Holy Ghost.
  2. The Administration of these gifts are by Jesus Christ.
  3. The Operations of these gifts are by God the Father.

What good are these gifts to us? Why does God offer them to us in the New Testament? When a person truly repents from their heart and accepts Jesus Christ as their Saviour, that person is saved and on their way to Heaven. They are sealed by the Holy Ghost of Promise until the day of redemption (Ephesians, 1:13 and 4:30)

Having the Gifts of the Spirit has nothing to do with our salvation. A person that's saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ is saved and sealed. That person is going to Heaven, they just don't know when. Once we are saved, we pretty much know that to get to Heaven we must die or be Raptured out with all the other Children of God. The Gifts are to get us from salvation to the grave or to the Rapture. The Gifts give us Wisdom, Knowledge, Power and Spiritual vision to see the snares and traps satan lays for us. Some teach that the Gifts are not for today, then Salvation is not for today. God has the Gifts explained in the New Testament, so we could have then for our help.

The Power of God

The Power of God is our strength and boldness. Whenever Satan comes at us, it's the Power of God that rises up in us to fight against him. Jesus promises us the Power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon us. (Acts, 1:8) He instructs us to wait upon the power, before we go forth. There's something about the name of Jesus.

Show the Love of God

We know God commands us to, "love one another", but how many of us truly obey His command? True love is shown, when we do unto others as we have them do unto us. We are so Blessed to have what we posses and live where we live. Some may not agree with us, but even though America has many problems, we are still the greatest Nation on earth. We need to make every day, a day of showing our love and care for each other. We don't have to give physical gifts or presents, but we need to give our love and care to each other, every day of the year. Let's show our love for those we don't even know, by telling them about Jesus. We can do this many ways. We can personally tell everyone, we meet, the plan of Salvation. We can tell our friends and neighbors to watch this Ministries telecast or they can support this Ministry, so we can continue to expand and reach millions more with the truth. We're still touching lives and spreading the Gospel, but it's to millions of new viewers that haven't seen or heard that they must be Born-again. It's because of your giving that we're able to do this.

To Know that you Know

Surely there have been times in your life that a circumstance arose where you were questioned, if you knew what you were talking about. It may have been a decision you made or something you did, but someone questioned the action. When this happens, it's great to "know that you know" what you are talking about. This is why it's so important to know the Word of God. Satan will come at you telling you that you are wrong or he will attempt to sow doubt or disbelief in your life by telling you that you're not saved. Again, this is when it's important to "know that you know" that you are. Once you have read God's Word and you know what it says, you can be assured that it's fact. When someone tries to misquote scripture or lead you in the wrong direction, you can stand firmly on the fact that, "you know that you know" you're right. When the enemy comes around trying to tear you down you'll be able to tell him, "I know that I know."

Jesus is the Answer Around the World!!

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