2020 Volume 30 Issue 3 "The Promises of God"

The Bible is full of promises from the Lord. He promises that He will bless us, chastise us, love us, curse us, heal us, deliver us, protect us, shield us and provide for us. There is one thing that Christians need to know and that is with every promise comes a condition. Many don't believe that a child of God can be cursed by God. Any time God has a blessing laid up for one of His children and they are disobedient to His Word, He cannot deliver their blessing and therefore, they suffer loss. So, instead of being blessed, they are cursed. We must always be obedient, if we are to be blessed. God promises us that all things are possible for those that believe. Anything we need can be ours, if we will only ask and believe. The enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy out joy faith and blessings. If the enemy can sow a seed of doubt in your life, he wins. God has to answer our prayers when we ask in faith, with no sin in our lives. The only time our prayers go unanswered, is because of doubt or sin. In the Book of Daniel, Chapter 10, we learn of how God operates in answering prayer. Daniel prayed and made up his mind that he wasn't going to doubt God for his answer. Daniel made a vow that he would not eat or drink until he heard from God. Seven days went by and no answer. Then three whole weeks, 21 days and finally Gabriel appeared and said, to Daniel, "Fear not Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thing heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me: and I remained there with the kings of Persia." To make the clear, Daniel needed an explanation from God on a matter he didn't understand. He made a vow that he would chastise his fleshly body until he received his spiritual answer. The chastisement was that he would not give in to hunger or thirst until he heard  from heaven. There's no doubt that satan tempted Daniel during these twenty one days, but Daniel stood firm upon the promises of God. 

God is always on time!

All through the scriptures, we find the disciples and God's people in trouble, needing help. We also find the Master always showing up at the right time. From the Red Sea with Israel, to the Battlefield with David, to the fiery furnace with the Hebrew Boys, to the Den of Lions with Daniel, to the Pits of Hell with Jonah, to the Tomb with Lazarus, to the Prison Cells with Peter, Paul and Silas, to the Stormy Seas with the Disciples, Jesus has always shown up and He'll do the same for you. When trials and tests come your way, you simply call upon the Lord for help and He will deliver you. This is a proven fact. god has never forsaken, nor left one of His, in a valley of distress. We mist simply believe when we ask Him for help and He will be there. Some days the Lord has us to reminisce the times we've needed help and called upon Him. There has never been a time that He failed us. Our God has always been there to help us and that's why we can tell you with confidence, He will deliver you from your valleys.

A Long Hard Road

No one said the road would be smooth or the way would be easy. Mountains are places before us every day. Obstacles are places in our way to see how we will handle them. We are sure that some , that are reading this article, have different trials going on at this very moment. It might be a marriage problem, a financial problem, an addiction problem, whether it be you or someone you care about or it may be a combination of some of the above. The problem is not the issue, it's the solution that we all must focus on. The problems are in our lives for a reason. Every problem that arises in your life, is to get you to lean more on Christ and not so much on man. We have become a nation that places their trust in doctors, medicines, lawyers, court systems, government and all walks of mankind. God wants us to fully place all of our trust in Him. Believe and receive.

Fight For Your Miracle

God is a, "God of Miracles". All through His Word, we learn of the great miracles He performed for His people. You mat not understand what we're saying, so let us explain. You were a God's people before you were saved. God has His seed and Satan has his seed. This is clearly explained in Matthew Chapter 13:24-30 and then 13:37-43. God's seed or shall we say, "God's People" will be called unto repentance. At that time, we have to make a decision to accept Jesus as our redeemer or reject Him. Should we decide to accept Him as our Saviour, then we become a child of God. He, of course, is the only begotten Son of God, but we have been adopted into the family, by accepting the price He paid for our redemption. There are many other scriptures that verify what we're saying. One that comes to mind, right now, is John 17:9. He tells His Father, "God" that He's not praying for the world, "Satan's Seed", but for God's children. Satan is doing all he can to stop the Christians in these last days. He doesn't want God's children to be blessed, because if we are blessed, the lost will see and they might accept Christ also. Satan already has their soul and doesn't want to lose it, so he will fight us tooth and nail to hinder us from witnessing for Christ.

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