2017 Issue 11 "Small Deeds For The Lord"

"Small Deeds For The Lord"

Have you ever prayed and expected God to hear and answer your prayer? Did you make it clear to Him exactly what you wanted or needed? All through the Scriptures, God ask us to do things and He makes it very clear what we're to do. Most people simply ignore Him, because they know He is very capable and able to do it Himself. God doesn't need our help! However, He wants us to do these things so we can be blessed. Brother Corbin Whitaker and I, just returned from flying 7,000 miles to do what God told me to do. This trip was very miserable. It was tiring, because going, we had to get up at 1:00 AM to catch our flight and returning we had to get up at 2:00 AM. I could have surely purchased better flights, but I saved hundreds of dollars for the Ministry by flying cheap. The difference between flying on a Monday verses on Tuesday, even at the same time, was about $300.00 per person more.

That's over $600.00 that I saved to do God's work. The later your flight leaves during the day, the more it cost. God told me to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Some wonder why I go to so many different places and preach to so many different nationalities. God is the Creator and the entire human race are His creatures. He created all of us and He's no respecter of person. Getting back to the subject. What did you do for Him today? Did you do unto others as you would like to see them do unto you? Did you smile at someone and tell them, "Jesus loves them?" When we see someone struggling at the grocery store or at a shopping center, we need to try to help them. We can all those that are shut-in and ask if they need anything.

We can call and check on the sick to encourage them that they will feel better soon. God wants to use us to help others and encourage those that are about to give up. Many think that by simply asking God to do something everything will be taken care of immediately. When we have met God's conditions and truly believe, everything we ask will be taken care of, in His timing. God uses people, always has and always will. This is why He gave us written instructions, so we would know how, when and why we are to do certain things. He tells us to love one another, to keep His commandments and to study His Word. He tells us to bring our Tithes into His House on the first day of the week, because He knows it takes money to do His Work. It took money in His day. The disciples were always discussing their finances.

Remember, Judas was in charge of the purse, which contained all of their money. The first day of the week is Sunday and when the money is brought in on Sundays, it gives God's men ample time to see how it's to be used that week. Contrary to what some think, it still takes thousands of dollars to do God's Work. Some Pastors and Congregations will disagree, but they aren't doing what God commanded us to do. We must feed the hungry, clothe the naked and shelter the homeless. We're to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.†

A Plea To All

I'm going to ask each of you to search your heart and help me help our Native Americans. The Lord has placed a burden upon my heart to reach out with the love of Christ and show our neighbors that we care. As I mentioned earlier, I just returned from the Round Valley Indian Reservation in Covelo, California. It's my plan, right now, to leave for the Reservations in Arizona and New Mexico in mid September with two or three truck and trailer loads of good clothing and good. While I'm there, I'll be preaching to the tribes at night, feeding them Spiritually and passing out clothes and food daily. For those of you that live close to the Church or Ministry Building, and have items to give, please bring them by.

We need shoes, all types and sizes of clothing for men, women and children. I tell all of our Congregation, "If you wouldn't wear the shoes or clothing to church or town, don't bring them to give away." Even though I'm sure the people would appreciate anything, I feel that God wants us to give our best. If you donate clothing, please launder and fold each item. Place them in garbage bags and please don't fill the bags full, because they will tear and we will have to repackage them. for those that cannot drop off clothing or food, please send any money you can and we'll purchase dried and/or canned foods to carry to the less fortunate. It will cost hundreds of dollars just for the fuel to deliver the goods to the Indians and I'm believing that the Ministry will be blessed to take care of that expense, so I'm telling you that the money you send to help our Native Americans will be spent for food, clothing and hygiene products, (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.) Our Country has taken everything from them, let's give our love and offer our hand of fellowship.

Please send your support as quickly as possible, so I can begin making arrangements to help our neighbors. If you want to place your support on your debit or credit card, please call our office at 1-800-774-5255. I promise everything here is secure.† 

A Special "Thank You"

This Ministry has been so blessed to have people like you supporting our calling. Together, we have lead several thousands to Christ. You must remember this is a team effort. It takes all of us working together to accomplish God's Will. Again, I thank you. †

No Offer This Month

Due to the fact that we have so much going on and need every dollar that comes in, I'm asking everyone that can to send a special offering this month to help us meet the needs of the less fortunate and win the lost souls that are hanging in the balance. If you want or need anything special, just call or write and we'll try to get it to you. Also, if you live in driving distance and need food, we'll do what we can to help you. We have some food available. †