2021 Volume 30 Issue 22 "Scolding Your Tongue"

2021 Volume 30 Issue 22

"Scolding Your Tongue"

Go to your mirror, stick out your tongue, examine it closely then tell it to behave at all times.  This may sound a little crazy, but I think you should know why you are having the majority of your pains and troubles. I'm not saying that all of our problems come from what we confess, but I do know that we bring most of our problems on ourselves by professing them.  How many times, a day, do you catch yourself telling someone your problems, your pains, aches or troubles?  Each time we confess we are having problems, we are confessing defeat.  Some may say, "Well we must be honest."  I agree to a point, but it's how we phrase our statements that bring on our troubles.  The Bible clearly tells us to choose, each day, whom we shall serve.  When we are confessing defeat, we are praising Satan and denying God's blessings.  God wills only good upon His children.  We have a teaching on Luke 11:11-13.  It explains how much greater God's love is for us than our love is for our own children.  If we would not wish sickness, pain, troubles, sadness, poverty stress or other evil upon our children, then we should realize that God would never wish or will these evil and hurtful things upon us.  Therefore, it's Satan that brings evil and hurtful things into our lives.  Have you ever been asked, "How are you feeling or how are you doing?" and you replied, "The devil has been coming against me, or Satan has really been fighting me."  We seem to constantly give credit to our enemy instead of giving glory to our Lord and Saviour.  I see this a lot in my travels.  It's been proven that if we confess something long enough, we begin to believe it.  When we confess depression in our lives, watch out, depression will come running in, because you just opened the door even wider.  Have you ever been feeling great and then come in contact with someone that is negative about everything?  All they do is find faults in every person they know or they're constantly complaining about everything.  If we aren't careful, we begin to become negative also.  We have to recognize that being around negative speaking people sows seed of doubt and unbelief in our minds and hearts.  Soon, if we aren't careful, we will be agreeing with them and lose our blessings.  "Well preacher, what are we to do?" we are to think before we speak.  Sure, your back may ache, but instead of complaining about the pain or instead of saying, "The devil is attacking me in my back."  Start praising the Lord that you are alive and able to feel anything at all.  There are thousands of people that would give anything just to be able to feel.  When you feel pain or when you are confronted with a serious problem, simply praise the Lord for removing it.  " God I thank you, in the name of Jesus Christ, for healing my body and delivering me from all my problems."  When we learn to control our tongues, we will see victory in our lives.  Think before you speak.  Am I exalting Christ or praising the devil?


We Must Tarry

We live in an instant society.  We want everything and we want it right now.  We have instant coffee, instant breakfast, instant potatoes and TV Dinners.  We have microwave meals and drive through windows at every fast food place.  I even heard there are churches that now have drive through prayer windows.  Preachers are preaching and people are being saved, but they are leaving without the fullness of God's Power.  We have a teaching available on the subject of "Tarrying".  Jesus plainly told His disciple's, "To tarry in Jerusalem until they were endued with power from on high."  Being obedient, they gathered and prayed.  Not just an hour or two but they prayed and waited for the Lord to pour out the Holy Ghost upon them.  Many people are seeking the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, but they aren't willing to seek the Lord and wait upon it.  Remember, in this day and time, most church services can only last an hour or two.


Missing In Action

As the coming of "The Day of The Lord" gets closer, I'm seeing very few Christians standing on the Battlefield.  More and more are missing in action.  It's sad to say, but it seems easier for Christians to compromise with the world than to take a strict stand for what's right.  I'm certainly glad that Jesus didn't compromise with His flesh the night before He gave His life for my sins.  He stood boldly even though He knew the suffering He would face and the ultimate price He would have to pay.  Jesus could see beyond the circumstances surrounding Him and He saw you and me.  He knew how it would be in the latter days and He was willing to stay on the battlefield for us.  Today, I see Christians turn tail and run when the least bit of resistance comes their way.  If they could only understand that when you draw closer to the Lord, the fire will be turned up.  I'm asking you to stand with us in these last days and pray for our nation, our leaders and for us.  Pray that we will not compromise God's Word.  Pray that we'll stay on the Battlefield and fight the enemy until we see Christ in the Eastern Sky.


What's A Soul Worth?

Each of us know that there's no way you can place a dollar value on anyone's soul.  We spend tens of thousands of dollars, each month world wide, to win the lost to Jesus Christ, even if it's just one soul.  We'll spend whatever it takes to keep a soul from going to hell.  What's a soul worth?  It's worth it all!  I'm asking you to help us get the Gospel out to the world and lay up your treasures in heaven.  This ministry is the storehouse for many of you and if this Ministry is your Church, send your tithes and offerings here and help us reap the harvest.  Thank you for helping.

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