2021 Volume 30 Issue 29 "Standing Firm"

2021 Volume 30 Issue 29

"Standing Firm"

Once again, we speak about standing firm on the morals and principles of God's Word.  In today's society, we find far to many people claiming to be Christians, but yet promote and stand behind satanic ideas and programs.  As you probably aware of, the new curriculums that are being taught to the young children in the schools today across this nation and probably right here in our own community.  They are promoting and teaching these children about anal and oral sex, teaching and promoting lesbianism, homosexuality and transgender identities.  We know that Satan has moved into our schools, but this is absurd.  We, as parents, grandparents and especially Christians should take a stand and let our School Superintendents, Principles, Teachers, Leaders and Elected Officials know that they have crossed the line and gone too far.  The leaders use the excuse that the morals of the students, today, are so low that they must be taught about these forms of sex and sexualities.  Our leaders need to take a reality pill and wake up.  They need to understand that the morals dropped when they took the Ten Commandments off the wall, the Holy Bible out of the classrooms and forbid the names of God and Jesus Christ to be mentioned on the school property.  We have to understand what Jesus meant when He said in John 8:12, "I am the light of the world."  When the light is taken out of the area, darkness appears.  Satan is darkness and cannot be present before the light.  Light and darkness cannot share the same space.  When they made Jesus leave, they invited Satan to come in.  Now, they say we have a serious problem.  Our schools have turned into satanic breeding grounds.  Evil is in every corner.  The only ones holding any kind of order at all are the Christian teachers and students that are present.  Their power, through the Holy Ghost, is the only force that's attempting to hold back the satanic movement.  It's sad when our government will allow every religion, named under the sun, to be taught or spoken about except Christianity.  What's worse than that, is they don't even see what they are doing.  They are blind to the fact that it's their fault.  They are spiritually blind and they are slowly destroying our youth.  When we were in school, we were taught to respect our teachers and elders.  We said, "Yes Ma'am and No Ma'am."  We were taught to bless and give thanks for our food, to pledge allegiance to our flag, to honor and fear God and stand up for America.  We are willing to take a stand, but we need more Christians to stand with us.  One voice isn't very important, but hundreds can and will be heard throughout our State and Nation.  Will you stand with us in warning our officials that they will have to stand before our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and give account for their actions, that God will not allow them to go unpunished, because what they are doing is against His Word.  If you can see the same things we're seeing and are tired of watching evil take our schools and communities, please let us know.  If we can hear from several hundred fellow Christians, we will voice our opinion against the evil that's taking over our schools to the officials in Raleigh.  If you will take a stand with us, please write us and confirm that you agree with us that it's time to let our leaders know that they must make a change.  You can write to us at: David Bibey Ministries  PO Box 910  Carthage, NC 28327.  Also, include any prayer request you may have.  Please continue to pray for our outreach and remember, you can now see our telecast Sunday mornings at 8:30am on channel CW-22.  This includes Dish Network, DirecTV and antenna.  We are also on the Word Network Monday nights at 1:30am on DirecTV channel 373.  WWAY TV-3 in Wilmington, NC Sunday mornings at 10:00am.  Those of you that live within driving distance need to come visit with us and see the power of God move.  Come join us!


"Staying Faithful And Committed"

Time after time, we see Christians make vows to the Lord and truly mean what they say.  It seems as though the enemy is listening very closely, because in just about every case, when the Christians vow to do more for the Lord, the devil steps in and hinders their walk.  We try our very best to encourage them to stay committed and expect the temptations to come.  We all must learn that when we make a commitment to serve the Lord, we will have temptations and that we need to take extra measures to stay faithful in attending church services, praying, reading and studying the Word of God.  It's through the perilous times that we grow stronger.  It's a spiritual walk and therefore, we have to keep our spiritual eyes open, watching for the enemy to attack us from all directions.


"Prayer Cloth"

We want to send each one of you an anointed Prayer Cloth.  If you have a need, this cloth will be a point of contact between us.  There's nothing magical about the cloth.  It has been anointed and prayed over at the altar.  We have had wives place it in their lost husbands pillow case.  Some have placed it in their children's rooms and in their pockets or shoes.  It's free, so write today for yours.


"Our Offer This Month"

This months offer is Linda Whitaker's newest CD entitled, "God Is My Refuge".  A few of the songs on the CD are:  One Hundred Years From Now,  Jesus Savior Pilot Me,  I've Got A Song,  God Is My Refuge and many more.  For a love gift of $20.00 or more, this anointed CD can be yours.  Please order today while supplies last!  


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