2022 Volume 31 Issue 01 "A True Friend In Jesus"

2022 Volume 31 Issue 01

"A True Friend In Jesus"

Isn't great to know we can place our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ?  It's so wonderful to know that He is a friend that will stand by you when things get tough.  He's a friend that will always be there, one that will forgive you you when you say or do something to offend Him.  He quietly listens when we sit around wallowing in our self-pity, complaining about anything and everything.  Then, after we 've babbled on and on and we are tired of talking, He gently speaks and encourages us to place all of our trust in Him.  A true friend will support you when things are going great and that same true friend will be there when things fall apart, but most of all, a true friend will never lie to you, never have aught against you and will forgive and forget any differences the two of you may have.  What a friend we have in Jesus.  We've all had people that called themselves our friends, but at a drop of a hat, when the tiniest thing went wrong, they went south.  They were gone.  We should be so glad that Jesus will never leave us, nor forsake us.  He will always be there to listen and to answer when we need guidance.  We can take all our burdens to Him and He will gladly lift them from us.  Have you spoken to Him today?  Do you know Him as a true friend and is He your Lord and Saviour?  We pray that He is, but if you're not certain that everything is alright with the Lord, you can call upon Him, asking forgiveness of your sins, and He will forgive you, love you, care for you and dwell with you all the days of your life.  Call on Him, right now, and ask Him to keep His hand upon you.



We don't really know if it's because we're getting older or if it's the fact that we're getting closer to seeing our Lord Jesus Christ, but we find ourselves rejoicing more each day.  We rejoice, because we know from God's Word that He personally chose us.  He didn't have to, but He did.  There are many that are being deceived by preachers that don't understand John 6:44.  God's people are drawn by the Holy Spirit and are given a choice of accepting or rejecting salvation.  We rejoice today, because we've been called and chosen to spend all eternity together in our Father's House.  According to His Word, all of the resurrected saints will live in the New Jerusalem City, which will come down from heaven.  Rev.21:2-4  We can also rejoice knowing that Christ will take care of us until the time He chooses to come get us, either by death or by the rapture.  He will provide us food, clothing, shelter, health and bind the enemy from coming near our dwelling when we are obedient to His Word and pay our tithes.  Malachi 3:8-11  We can sleep peaceably and rejoice knowing that God has His angels all around us, protecting us and watching over us day and night.  We can rejoice knowing that if we are true to His Word, He will save our household.  In Mark 11:22-24, He says that if we ask believing, doubting nothing, He will give us our heart's desire.  We have so much to rejoice over.  We shouldn't worry or be concerned about worldly matters.  The things of the world will be destroyed in the end.  Many people in the days to come will commit suicide over things that are totally materialistic.  Things that have no importance at all, but they have chosen them to be their gods.  In other words, they place more importance on those things than they do the Lord.  We rejoice, today, because we know what's important in our lives and that's to please our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  It's not about laying up treasures here on earth, but doing everything we can to please our Lord.     


"A Ministry For You" 

We know there are many of you that would like to do more for the Lord.  There is a way that you can serve Him and help us at the same time.  Simply call all of your friends and relatives and remind them to watch our telecast every week.  Give them the channels and times, which you can find at the bottom of this column.  When you go to church, shopping, to the doctor's office, or just visiting, tell everyone about this Ministry.  We are seeing souls saved and many set free from the bondage of alcohol, drugs and sin.  You may never know, here on earth, how many souls you might have led to the Lord, but God will know and He will bless you for it.  This is a Ministry that everyone, reading this letter, can have.  You direct them to our telecast, and the anointed message that God has given will draw them and save their souls.

Check your local listings for David Bibey Ministries:


  CW-22  Raleigh  8:30 am Sunday

WNCR  Rocky Mount  9:00 am Sunday


Word Network  1:30 am Monday


"We're Human"

Occasionally we get letters or calls from those that have ordered products and either have not received them or they were damaged or simply did not work when they received them.  We are all human and we will make mistakes and at times times we may receive bad products.  If you at any time have purchased a product from this Ministry and it did not work satisfactory or you simply did not receive it, please call the toll free number below and tell us about it.  We will replace it immediately if it's available.  1-800-774-5255  We love you and want to always do that which is right.


"Our Offer This Month"

This months offer is a teaching CD entitled, "Naaman / Faith".  This teaching is on the 5th Chapter of II Kings.  It also contains part of Chapter 6.  This teaching will show you how God administers His plan.  How He sets it into motion and who He chooses to do His work.  Learn how God must strip us of our pride before He can help us.  Order this anointed teaching Offer #564-G for love gift of $12.00 or more.  You might want to get one for a friend.  All proceeds go to help the Ministry  stay on the air and to do God's Work.


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