2018 Issue 1 "26 Years of DBM"

Thank you for supporting us all these years and we're just getting started. I know many of you have watched us on Television for many years. We're still here and we're growing. It's time for me to ask you to sow seed in our Ministry. I've asked for your help many times over the years, but now I'm asking those of you that believe in our purpose to sow "FAITH SEED," today. Since our Ministry is 26 years old this year, (we've actually been ministering for more than 30 years), but we're using 26 years for establishment purposes. I'm asking those of you that can, to sow a one time seed of $26,000.00 dollars and others to sow a one time seed of $2,600.00. Thousands can sow $260.00 one time gift and many can sow a $26.00 a month Harvest Partner Gift. Why do I ask this? Our equipment is very outdated. We need hundreds of thousands of dollars, just to update our cameras and recording equipment.

 I want all of you to remember, it's those pieces of equipment that enables us to carry God's anointed Word into the homes of millions of people. There are thousands of people getting saved that we are never aware of. You can play a major part in our growth, if you choose to. Major networks are inviting us on their broadcast, because they like our message. Other ministries don't receive these invitations. I desire to cover the world with the true Word of God, before Jesus returns. Sow your seed today. We accept pledges for those that must pay a little, each month, this helps us make decisions on making large purchases. We also accept checks, debit cards, credit cards and money orders. You can set up a bank draft or us any plan you're comfortable with.

I assure you that everything here is secure. The computers in the office, that contain personal information, are not on-line. No one can hack our information. Please make your pledges or sow your one time gift now. Please never forget to continue supporting us, each month, so we can win souls. †

A New Year For All

As we enter this New Year, we need to truly seek our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. No one knows what the future holds, but we do know we have an appointment with death. As this New Year unfolds, lets make a commitment to stand for Jesus, more than ever. Please write me and tell me your prayer needs. I do read every letter and I answer each letter when possible. I also write these letters personally. I make a lot of mistakes, but I want to stay in touch with each of you. †

Angel of Light

In II Corinthians 11:14 the Bible tells us, "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.Satan knows exactly what you want and what will move you into the wrong direction. When you pray, guess who is listening? That's right, it's Satan. He listens to your request and then moves in that area to deceive you. Satan will use men or women to meet your fleshly desires. I've seen this many times in the Ministry. Women would ask me to pray for a husband or men would ask me to pray for a wife. They would be specific as to what they wanted, but they weren't willing to wait on God. Satan would send an angel of light and the man or woman would say and do all of the right things. My Spirit would let me know that they were being deceived and I would try to warn them, but they thought God had finally heard their prayer and sent their perfect mate. In other instances, a person may be praying for a financial blessing or which direction they should go, Satan will open doors and lead you away from church, friends and family. 

He knows if he can get you away from God's anointing, he can break your Spirit and weaken you. Remember, you belong to God, if you're saved. You are a purchased possession, bought with a price, which was the Blood of Jesus. Satan can't have your soul, so he will try to prevent you from warning others of his snares. You cannot and will not witness to others, effectively, while you're deceived yourself. One way to avoid this, is to pray in your Heavenly Language. Satan cannot understand, "Tongues." This is why the Holy Ghost gives God's Children this gift. If Satan cannot understand your prayer, he doesn't know how to come against you. When asking things from God, be sure to ask not to be deceived. The Bible clearly tells us, that we can have whatever we want, when we ask believing. (Mark 11:24) †

2018 "The Best Year Ever"

It will be very hard to beat the years past, but I'm sure, if we try, we can. God is really blessing our Ministry and those that are dedicated in supporting us. We must remember that Christ knows all, at all times. 

Remember, when the rich young ruler came to Jesus, Christ knew that the man's money was his god. Christ also knows what's important to each of us. If we're going to make this the best year ever, we must be sincere about winning more souls than we have in the past. This means, that each of us must be about our Father's business. I thank God for each of you that are helping us go forward. I may not know your face, but I know your name when I hear it, because I know what and when you give to the Ministry. Thank you! †

A Free CD

That's right. We're giving every household one free CD of our TV program, where we had the group, "Covenant" singing. This was a great anointed telecast and I want you to have it. You'll get the entire program on CD and it's FREE. Call and order yours today. I'm asking all that can, to send in a little more, this month, to help us cover the extra expenses of this Great offer. It will cost us thousands of dollars, but many souls will be saved and touched. If we're going to make it, "The Best Year Ever," we must start now. Thank You! †