2018 Issue 2 "Love One Another"

We know God commands us to, "Love one another," but how many of us truly obey His command? True love is shown, when we do unto others as we would have them do unto us. We are so blessed to have what we possess and live where we live. Some may not agree with me, but I've traveled to many foreign countries and I tell you, "Even though America has many problems, we are still greatest Nation on Earth." We just pasted a giving season, which is known as, "Christmas." It's a time of the year when we give our family and friends gifts to show we care and love them. We need to make everyday, a day of showing our love and care for each other. We don't have to give physical gifts or presents, but we need to give our love and care to each other, every day of the year. This year, let's show our love for those we don't even know, by telling them about Jesus. 

We can do this many ways. We can personally tell everyone, we meet, the plan of Salvation. We can tell our friends and neighbors to watch this Ministry's telecast or we can support this Ministry, so we can continue to expand and reach millions more with the Truth. We're still touching lives and spreading the gospel, but it's to millions of new viewers that haven't seen or heard that they must be Born-again. It's because of your giving that we're able to do this.†

The Good Samaritan

I think everyone knows the story of the Samaritan that was walking down the road to Jericho and saw a man that had been beaten, robbed and left for dead. Without hesitation, he helped the man, while a priest and others had passed by offering no help at all. Many, today, just do not care if others go to hell, but we do. The Samaritan even took the man to an Inn and gave money out of his pocket for them to take care of this stranger. Shouldn't we do the same? God gave us this illustration to follow. This is why I continually ask for help. Thank you for giving. †

The Sioux Nation

I think I've mentioned this before. I have found that the poorest place in North America is in South Dakota and it's the Sioux Indian Reservation is a sovereign Nation and has their own government. Therefore, they cannot get food stamps and government help as many believe. I want to help these people and with your help and God's blessings we will. We want to send truck loads of canned and dried good to these people in April. 

We have ladies, in the Cary/Raleigh area, that have made dozens of toboggans and beautiful Teddy Bears for the children and I truly thank them. It's now, my desire or dream to see souls saved. God has used you to help fulfill my dream and I'm so appreciative. Some, have financial or career goals that they seek to attain, but mine is to see the lost, saved. It's one thing to tell our Indian neighbors that we love them and that we care for them, but let's show them our love by helping them with good and clothing. When you're hungry or cold, you're miserable. Let's share with our neighbors. I'm asking everyone, reading this letter, to send at least $100.00, if you can, to help us buy food and coats for these people. We've already sent three loads to the Apache Indians in Arizona and now we're to help the Sioux in South Dakota. I want to take at least two trucks loaded with food, coats, hats, gloves, etc., this year. Everyone can give something. As we give them food and clothing, we will share God's "Plan of Salvation." We'll let them know that it was God that supplied their needs. Hopefully, some will be saved after hearing the Gospel. God has truly blessed this Ministry allowing us to win souls. 

 I said this previously, "Always remember these two things. If a Ministry is doing anything for God, it will be fought from every direction and it will always need financial help to go forward." Satan will do everything he can to stop God's Word from going forward and he usually does this by hindering the Ministry's finances. This is why we're always asking for you support. There's no reason for anyone to hoard what the Lord Jesus Christ has given them. He intended for us to share with others and that's what pleases Him. He will always make sure that after we've given to others, we will still have enough for ourselves. When someone tells you about love of Christ and then shows that love by helping your family with items they need, it strengthens their faith in the Lord. Thank you for understanding. †

Telling The World

Your commissioned, just as I was, when Jesus said, "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." We're to let every creature know about God's, "Plan of Salvation." Remember, you and I are creatures. God is the Creator and all humans are His creation, making us creatures. So, let's be about our Father's business. 

We should spend every moment we're awake, telling someone about Jesus. What good is your perfectly clean house going to do you in Heaven? Or the great company you built? Who in Heaven cares about you working 60 hours a week to make more money or get promotions? You see, it's not what you do here for yourself or for your family, it's what you do for God. You must remember, this is a team effort. No one is less important and the only one that's to be exalted, is Christ. It takes all of us, working together, to accomplish God's Will. Again, I say, "Thank you." I thank God for making it possible for us to heave a great television outreach. We may not be as large as some Ministries, but our message is just as great as theirs and in some cases, Greater! †

No Offer Today

I ask that you remember what time of the year it is and give accordingly. People have just finished their Christmas Season and are headed into tax season. Some have placed God's Work on the back burner and could care less. I truly Thank You for all you do! †