2018 Issue 3 "Where Do You Stand With God?"

Recess is over. It's time to return to the true basics of Christianity. We have far to many, so called, "Christians," playing games with life. I'm afraid many are following the lead of their Pastors. We must remember, God is watching and He's keeping a record of our daily living. He knows every dollar you get and it doesn't make a bit of difference if you worked for it or if someone gave it to you. You still have to give God His portion, which is ten percent. It's His and the Bible clearly tells us that, if you take that ten percent, you are robbing God and you will be cursed with a curse. (Malachi 3:9) Paying Tithes was practiced before the law in Genesis, 14:20 and 28:22. We are also commanded under grace in The New Testament in, (Matthew 23:23; Romans 2:22; 1 Corinthians 9:7-14; 16:2; Galatians 6:6 and Hebrews 7:1-10.) 

The Bible also teaches us that, if we use God's Tithes for our own personal use, we must pay 20% interest. That's right, we have to add 20% or one fifth part to God's tithes for using them. What most fail to understand is, the Tithe is not ours to spend or use. It belongs to God and He will get it one way or another. I told our congregation, not long ago, "You will not get to enjoy using one single penny of God's money and there's NO bill more important than your Tithe Bill. Not your electric bill, house payment, car payment, insurance and not even your grocery bill is more important than paying God. He is your provider. Read and study 11 Corinthians 9:6-15. Pay special attention to verses 8-10. God is the one that keeps food on your table and gives you the strength to work your job. He can take everything away from you, if you steal from Him.

Let's not talk about money, but let's talk about obedience. As I stated earlier, God knows all. You can fool your friends and neighbors. You can fool your preacher and your spouse, but you cannot fool God. What you think is hid will be revealed. Get things right with God now, while there is time. Jesus will forgive you of your sins the moment you repent, from your heart and ask forgiveness. Repentance has to come from the heart and God knows if you're sincere. Remember, you cannot fool God. Get your life right with your Creator right now and everything else will fall into place. There's some one reading this letter, that's playing games with God and He's using me to warn you, that your time is running out. Repent NOW!

God Is So Good

I wish I could explain how I've been blessed over the years and convince you that God is no respecter of person. He wants you to be healed and blessed. If you have a sickness or other financial problems, it's because you haven't been completely obedient to God's Word. I know over the years, I've tried to place the blame on other people, places, situations or things, but when I was honest with myself, it was always my fault. God doesn't want you needing for anything. He has made provisions for you to be healed of all sickness and for your pantries to never lack good. When you find yourself needing or lacking, look hard at your obedience to God and you'll find that you're guilty of disobedience. I'm speaking the truth and you know it. Sometimes, I get caught up at looking at the sinners of the world and I think, "How can they live like they do and it seems that they never have serious problems." Then, the Lord reminds me of the rich man dn Lazarus in Luke Chapter 16. The Rich man had everything, even though he wasn't obedient to God's Word. Lazarus was a beggar and had nothing. The Rich man was comforted, while here on earth, but after death he was in torment. Lazarus was comforted after death. While living he didn't have the greatest, but he had all he needed. God even sent the dogs by to lick his wounds, so he wouldn't have any doctor bills. God took care of him, because Lazarus loved his Lord. After death, Lazarus was comforted and had all of God's blessings. Study Luke, Chapter 16 and let it bless you abundantly.

Looking Ahead

Let's focus on having the greatest year ever. We can do this by making sure we begin our days by praying and asking God for guidance. Remember, God listens for us to ask for help. He's our Heavenly Father and He desires to help each of us. If you will begin your day, by asking for guidance and direction, you're already ahead of those that try to make it on their own. You must fight the devil everyday as he tries to cause you to fail. You've asked God for help, make sure you listen, when He warns you of a snare. You must overcome day by day. Defeat the enemy one day at a time. Read Luke 10:19. Study it and live by it. How can you fail, when you have God directing your footsteps? This can be the greatest year of your life, if you allow God to help you.

A Two Part Teaching

I've just completed a two part teaching on the subject of, "Soul Sleep." That's right. There are denominations that teach that, when a person dies, they simply go to sleep and that's it. I give Book, Chapter, and Verse from the Bible that shows the real truth. If you are in a Church that teaches Soul Sleep, you really need to hear this teaching. Even if you're not caught up in this false belief, you need these Scriptures to convince those that may come to deceive you. I trust what the Word of God says and not what man teaches. I told a man, today, that God's Word does not need to be interpreted, only heard with the anointing on it. "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." Romans 10:17 When the Bible is written in parables, it's made clear that it is a parable. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. Order your 2-part CD teaching for a love gift of $25.00 or more.†