2018 Issue 6 "Meeting The Master"

All of us, "Christians," speak of meeting Jesus, but what do we understand about that meeting? What do you actually know about the most important meeting you will ever encounter? What will Jesus say unto you and what will you reply? Have you studied God's Word to better understand what will happen that day? These are questions you need to ask yourself and you truly need to answer them according to God's Word. We all, "hope," we know what will be said and we all feel that things will go well. I'm trying to encourage everyone, that claims to be a Christian, to really study their Bible and know what it says about this matter. Keep us in your prayers as we attempt to expand into new territory with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our equipment is very old and outdated. We needed to purchase over $25,000.00 worth of new equipment, just to keep our program on the air. We don't have a single dollar to do this. We trust God to deal with the hearts of His Children to help us win the souls of those whom He calls. †

Battles For All Christians

I've spoken to many Christians from different denominations and churches and it seems as though all Children that are on fire for Christ are in battles. We should realize that when we're in a great fight, that's when we truly have to call on the Lord and trust Him for help. God allows His Children to be tried and tested to see how we will react to tough situations. He wants to know if we will attempt to handle it or if we will seek help from Him. Over the years, I've had several conversations with different individuals and we discussed the valleys we, each, have to go through. 

It's when you're in the deepest valley that you're able to see the high mountain that's before you. Jesus tells us in His Word to, "Speak to the mountain," not for us to try to move it, go around it or climb it, just to speak to it. He will cause that hindrance or problem, in your life, to go. God wants us to trust Him for all things. We are to know His Word and then be obedient and follow His instructions. This will always lead to victory, because His Word will lead us to fully trust in Him. †

Victory In Jesus

We sing a song at church Victory in Jesus. "Oh victory in Jesus, my Saviour forever. He sought me and He bought me with His redeeming Blood." It goes on to tell us about how He loves us. I've been teaching in our night services, of how we must look at God's plan. Once a Christian understands how God, The Word, (which was Jesus), and the Holy Ghost got together before creation and God drew up His complete plan for mankind. You're part of His plan and what's so interesting is when we see how our lives have played a very important part in His plan. Can you remember times in your life, when you could have or should have been killed or put completely out of commission? God spared you for a reason. Sometimes we live our lives not knowing how God intends to use us. I've seen Christians live over 50 years and not lead a sinlge person to the Lord, but at their funeral, one, two or more have accepted Jesus and began to serve God. I preached one funeral where I  knew this person had been saved, because their entire life changed. They never lifted a finger to lead anyone else to Christ that I knew of, but seventeen sinners came to Calvary at their funeral and have been serving God for more than 10 years. These individuals truly got saved also. I know, because they are in our Church and sit under my teaching. We have to understand that we are no longer our own, but we belong to God. 

We're purchased possession and we must remember that only God, (Himself), knows when He will send His Son, (Jesus), to get His Children. Jesus tells us, that not even the Angels of Heaven know the day nor the hour. We must realize that we have Victory in Jesus, because we belong to the, "Trinity" and they take extra good care of us. We may fail them, but they will never fail us. †

Gospel Singing Dinner Buffet

Some, may remember when we had our Singing Dinner Buffets. Well, we've decided to start once again, because it generates funds for our mission outreach. We will have our buffets on the first Friday night of each month and they will begin at 6:00 PM. You can eat from our home cooked buffet and sit and listen to fine anointed Gospel singing for two hours. It's all you can eat and drink, plus some of the greatest entertainment you'll ever find. All for a modest price of $10.00 per Adult. Children from 5-12 years old will be charged $6.00 and children under 4 will eat free. You must remember, all proceeds cleared from this event will go to feed the hungry here and wherever God leads. It cost over $25.00 for a couple to eat in any restaurant. 

This is a bargain. You get to eat until you're full, plus, you'll be feeding someone else for the same money. We will begin our Dinner Buffet the first Friday night in June 2018. Please tell your friends and bring someone with you. Our food selection will be different, each month, and it will be seasoned to taste like food should taste. Please come and support these dinners. The food will be served in our Fellowship Hall, which can hold up to 500 people. We also have a stage area in the Hall for our singers. Come join us in June. †

Our Offer

I'm going to offer my teaching which I offered in my last News Letter. The title of the teaching CD is, "God's Will." This is one hour of anointed teaching, which I promise will be a blessing to you. I also promise that no matter how wise you are in God's Word, this will teach you things you did not know. I say that, because I know it was the Holy Ghost that lead me to the Chapters and Verses that compose this teaching. Everything is verified by Scripture. I give you Book, Chapter and Verse. And all are in Harmony together. For a $20.00 gift. †