2018 Issue 9 "Jesus Is The Answer"

Millions say they're Christians, but very few know the true meaning of the word. All of us have problems in our lifetime. Some, will have financial burdens, others will have health problems and some will have marital or family problems. When we are honest with ourselves, we examine our lifestyles, we find that we have been disobedient and that's why we have problems. God cannot and will not bless disobedience. Your flesh will deceive you and if you're not careful, you will listen to a lie, when your flesh tries to tell you that you're doing alright. When you listen to Your Spirit, you'll know that something is wrong. When you have financial burdens, it's usually because you've failed to pay all of your Tithes or maybe you paid them in the wrong place. God may have wanted you to give alms by helping someone, by giving them a piece of money, but your flesh said, "No."

Once again, God wants to get your attention. How better to do so, than to touch your finances? You may have marital problems and you just can't understand why. Pray and listen with your heart and not your physical ear. Usually, you'll find that you have placed your spouse or family before God. This is a no, no. God has to come before everything. Anytime you allow your family or marriage to come between you and God, you will have problems. When your spouse or family hinders you from going to worship or serving God the way He leads you to, they become Idols and God commands us not to have any other gods before Him.

He demands us to worship Him only. One may say, "I would never put my family before God." When ball practice or a school meeting is scheduled on the same night as prayer meeting or any church service and you choose to go to the school event, guess what? The devil has many ways to lay traps for us and this has nothing to do with your salvation, but it has everything to do with your blessings. Jesus tells us to study His Word. Jesus is our answer in every situation that arises. When sickness comes to our body or household, if we look closely, we'll see where we have failed God by being disobedient to His Word. When we fail Him, He being the loving God, wants to get our attention and correct us, so we can be blessed. So many go through life not knowing that they could have had God's blessings upon their life.

Always remember, God is in control and He knows how to get our attention. When we allow Jesus to become Lord of our life, He guides and leads us in the paths of righteousness. He will not allow the enemy to come against a Child of God that has turned their life over to Him. Most will eagerly allow Jesus to become their Saviour, but very few allow Him to become Lord of their life. The simple reason is, He will not allow you to follow your fleshly desires without first warning you and you'll know you're being disobedient. We must allow Jesus to be Lord of our life and remember, "Jesus is the Answer."

Your Last Will and Testament

I know you're probably planning to go in the rapture and not dies until then, but what if God has other plans? Many that are reading  this letter may not think of what they could be doing for the Kingdom of God after they're dead and gone. Everyone has something they could use to help spread the gospel. You may have money, a savings account, a retirement account, home, land or automobile. You might think that you should leave your possessions to a child or relative. 

History has shown that your kin will waste what you've worked hard for. This Ministry has a 28 year track record of not wasting money. We use every dollar to grow God's Kingdom. Long after you're with Christ, you can still be winning souls for the Kingdom. Ask the Lord what you should do. I want you to remember, I've never taken one dollar for preaching God's Word. I'm one of the few preachers that's not in the ministry for money.

Paying Your Tithes

I know that it seems I'm always talking about money. It takes about $7,000.00 a week for operations at the Ministry. God has had us to expand our out reaches in the past few months and it cost us thousands more to do so. $7,000.00 may seem like an outrageous amount to you, but if your soul or the soul of one you love so dear were hanging in the balance, it wouldn't be much at all. What if God had commissioned me to speak the anointed words to your child, mother, dad or even to you and we didn't have the money to do so. "What then?" god is dealing with the hearts of people telling them to help us. 

Some are being obedient, and some aren't. I must continue to ask and allow God to do His work. You either will or you won't respond. Consider sowing your Tithes and offerings in this Ministry. By the way, show me Scripture, where God tells you to sow your seed in your home church even if it's bad ground. Think about it and look at your harvest.

A Very Important Cry for Help

I've told you of our expansion, however, we seriously need to purchase new equipment. The new equipment should last us up to 25 years and will help us win thousands of souls for Christ. I'm trying to follow the Spirit  and therefore, I'm asking for a one time gift to this Ministry. Some that's receiving this letter already send in their monthly gift to help us go forward, but there are many that haven't given anything. Will you take the time now, to write a check or get a money order and give a one time gift to help us get the equipment we desperately need? Your gift is 100% tax deductible, because we are a registered Non-Profit Corp. Please use the enclosed envelope to help us.