2017 Issue 10 “Your Soul"

I've not been called to preach foolishness. God chose me and called me to preach the Gospel, which is repentance and to accept Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter to me if you enter Heaven sick as a dog, just as long as you enter Heaven. It doesn't matter to me if you enter Heaven flat broke, just as long as you enter Heaven. I'm certain that every Pastor or Preacher has a different ministry. I'm sure some are called to minister healing and some preach prosperity, but I'm so glad that God called me to win souls. Your soul is eternal and so important. You're either going to live forever with Christ and rule and reign with Him, on earth or spend eternity with Satan in the Lake of Fire. Friends, this is no joke, you really need to understand why this Ministry is so important. We're having souls saved all over the country and around the world. God told me that our Ministry logo was to be Mark 16:15-18. I want to thank you for your prayers and support.

Another Outreach

We're taking on more Ministering in Arizona. there are many Indian reservations in the west that are very poor and need help. I know our government helps some or is supposed to be helping. I had a Pastor visit with me a few weeks ago and was telling me the story of how he went to an Indian family's house that had several children and when he children came out to get the food he was taking them, He saw they were walking in the snow without shoes or coats. He asked them where their shoes were and they replied, that they had no shoes or coats to wear. He left and came later with the necessary items to help them.

Debbie and I have crossed many of the Indian Reservations in Utah, Arizona and Nevada. We've seen the poverty there. We now have an open door to Minister to these tribes and help them with food, clothing and most importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm planning a trip to Arizona in late August or early September. We're taking a large rental truck filled with dried non-perishable food, coats, shoes, and other necessities. I hope many of you will want to help us by sending whatever you can. If you can, send money and we'll purchase food and clothing once we arrive there. This will give us extra room in the truck. It's also going to be very expensive for me to go. If you can help with the expenses please do. When you designate, what your funds are to be spent on, that's exactly where they will be spent. †


I know there's a lot of evil on the internet, but we're using it to carry the gospel to the lost, those that stay on the internet day and night. We're airing eight television programs 24 hours a day 7 days a week, plus our news letters are there to minister to them at all times. If you have a computer, ipad or iphone, you can see our programs 24 hours a day at www.davidbibeyministries.com.


We are still working in Haiti, Honduras, Argentina, West Virginia, Western North Carolina and the Philippines by feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. We're also blessed by God to Minister the Gospel throughout the world through Television and Internet. †

Being Sure

I meet people, everywhere, that aren't certain of their salvation. This tells me that they aren't truly saved. The Word of God tells me that we can and will know that Christ lives within us and will never leave us. In I John 5:13, "These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God."

The Apostle Paul made the statement in Romans 8:35-39, that he is fully persuaded that nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. This is our peace. We can rest assured that when we are absent from the body, we'll be in the presence of the Lord. Don't allow man to deceive you, you must know that God is more powerful that flesh or Satan. Remember, God created Lucifer to serve Him, it's true that God gave him power as He did Gabriel and Michael, but He didn't give any of them more power than He kept for Himself. False preachers are telling people that the devil can snatch you away from God. That's absolutely untrue. God gave you the Comforter to teach you and guide you through all things. God also, promised you that when you step out of line, He will chastise you, because He loves you. (Revelation 3:19) Hold fast to your Salvation and your Faith. Walk boldly, knowing who you are in Christ Jesus. The Lord promised you that whatsoever you bound on earth, He would bind in Heaven. Therefore, bind all evil that's coming against you, in Jesus' name. Take authority over your life, family and finances. Claim all that God and His Son Jesus had promised you.

What a Time We had Yesterday

We celebrated the going home of one of our dear Brothers in Christ yesterday. Brother Sam Brower had been coming to Crossroads for probably 15 years or more. We were fishing buddies, but more importantly, Sam truly loved the Lord. There were 200 to 300 people at the service and we had a celebration.

Our Offer

I'm offering a two part teaching once again titled, "The Gifts of The Spirit." This teaching gives Chapters and Verses on each of the nine Gifts, which God promises His children. I give you scriptures that show you that you can receive any of these gifts. This is a two part teaching on 2 CDs. This teaching goes into great detail and it's a must, if you have questions about the Gifts being for today. We're offering the 2 CD package for a love gift to the Ministry for $15.00 or more. We pay all postage and packaging. Thanks! †