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The Truth Book

The Truth Book $15.00

This book is full of valuable information that true Born again Christians need to know. For more than 25 years, Pastor Bibey has preached and taught on many controversial subjects that most Christians and even Pastors disagree with. You will be given each scripture, chapter and verse to prove and verify each subject that is being discussed.

Corbin Whitaker "I'll Take Jesus" CD

Corbin Whitaker $15.00

Songs included: Not The Man I Used To Be, He Won't Leave Us, He Leads Me Each Step Of The Way, Don't Want to Go Alone, The Blood Is Still There, I'll Take Jesus, Until The Storm Is Over, Crying For Crumbs, Mercy Walked In, If There Ever Was A Time.

Joanne Cook "Going Back" CD

Joanne Cook $15.00

Songs include: Thread of Hope, Roses Will Bloom Again, Go Ask, Going Back, Please Forgive Me, Love Was In The Room, I Want To Stroll Over Heaven, Trail of Tears, and I Have Returned.

Stormy Cole and Carmen Coleman "Because of The Blood" CD

Stormy Cole and Carmen Coleman $15.00

Songs include: Didn't I Walk On The Water, Long Arm Of Love, I'm Bound For A City, Not Afraid To Trust Him, Because Of The Blood, Miracle, God Delivers Again, I Want My Stage To Be An Altar, God Is Good and I'll Be There.

Corbin Whitaker Ministries "Thank You Lord For Your Blessings on Me" CD

Corbin Whitaker Ministries $15.00

Mechelle Kelly "From The Heart" CD

Mechelle Kelly $15.00

Songs include: Blessed Assurance, In The Garden, Call On Jesus, O Lord You're Beautiful, Speak To The Mountain, More Love More Power/Open The Eyes Of My Heart, Carry Me, Look What I Traded For A Manison, Glory, Honor and Power, There Is A River.

The Bibey Girls "The Color Red" CD

The Bibey Girls $15.00

Songs include: Singing With The Saints, A Tear Sealed With Love, Where The Roses Never Fade, The Lamb The Lion and The King, The Color Red, He's Gonna Touch Me, When All God's Children Get There, Jesus Christ Is Lord, Come To The Water, House Of Gold, and I Died For You.

Stormy Cole "I Know A Man" CD

Stormy Cole $15.00

Songs include: Overshadowed By The Blood, I Choose, I Know A Man, I'm Gonna Take That Mountain, We Speak Your Name, I'm Going Home Where Jesus Is, In The Presence Of Jehovah, and Sky Full Of Angels.

Thomas and Ann Lane with The Anointed Ones "I'm Blessed" CD

Thomas and Ann Lane with The Anointed Ones $15.00

Songs include: Rough Side Of The Mountain, It's Gonna Rain, You Keep On Blessing Me, Pass Me Not, Yes, Lord, Yes, Another Blessing, All God's Children Will Be There, Too Close To The Mirror, God Is My Everything, and Jesus.

Corbin Whitaker "Tavern To A Temple" CD

Corbin Whitaker $15.00

Songs include: Tavern To A Temple, I Have a Bridge, They'll Never Take Jesus, Wall Of Prayer, Sin Died Here, Where The Timbers Crossed, Please Forgive Me, Two Little Feet, Don't Look Back, and If That Isn't Love.

Linda Whitaker "I'm Going Over" CD

Linda Whitaker $15.00

Songs include: Who Will Survive the Storm, He Can't Keep His Eyes Off Me, The One I'm Dying For, I'm Going Over, Hold Me While I Cry, His Life For Mine, and many more anointed songs. 

Theron Sandy "I Want Jesus" CD

Theron Sandy $15.00

Songs include: It Ain't Easy To Smile, Letter From Heaven, I Want Jesus and a few more songs that he has written.

Tony Haas "Gospel Favorites #01" CD

Tony Haas $15.00

Songs include: Haven of Rest, A Pile of Crowns, Sweet Beulah Land, From Heaven's Point of View, I Know Him, Behold The Lamb, Oh What A Beautiful Name, Before Your Throne, Thank God For My Christian Home, and Amazing Grace.

The Bibey Girls "A Test of Love" CD

The Bibey Girls $15.00

Songs include: A Test Of Love, Gotta Have Some Faith, Hold On Tight
and many more.

Tony Gibson "Live From Crossroads Community Church" CD

Tony Gibson $15.00

Songs include: Go Close The Windows, Help Me Get Down On My Knees, Me and God, Peace In The Valley, He Called My Name, The Gift, Who Am I, Just A Closer Walk, and Jesus Is My Rock. 

Corbin Whitaker "Live" CD

Corbin Whitaker $15.00

Songs include: The Middle Man, When Your're Looking At Me, My Home, Please Come Down To Me, Sing One More Song, Just Another Hill, If That Isn't Love, Are You Praying Hard, and Still Holding On.

Corbin Whitaker "Still Holding On" CD

Corbin Whitaker $15.00

Songs include: Still Holding On, Windows Of My Soul, Cross Standing In The Way, The Anchor Holds, Peace In The Valley, That I could Still Go Free, He Still Rolls The Stone Away, Too Much To Gain To Lose, Leavin' On My Mind, and Seasons Of The Soul. 

Christy Reid "Worth It All" CD

Christy Reid $15.00

Songs include: He Laid His Hand On Me, Written In Heaven, Get About God's Business, Ride Out Your Storm, Count Your Blessings, Walk Through The Blood, One Way, Word Of The Lord, God Did It, and Worth It All.

Brittney Gwyn "The More I Seek You" CD

Brittney Gwyn $15.00

Songs include: Sinner Saved By Grace, The More I Seek You, At The Foot Of The Cross (Ashes to Beauty), At The Cross, Honestly, Small Enough, My Beloved, I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy, A Living Prayer, Jesus Knows Me ( This I Love)

Tommy Tyson "Closer Walk" CD

Tommy Tyson $15.00

Songs include: Just A Closer Walk With Thee, I'll Fly Away, I Can't Make It Lord, Without You, Bring My Children Home, Long Black Train, How Great Thou Art, The Devil Can't Stand The Sight Of Blood, The Old Rugged Cross, Pass Me Not, Sweet Beulah Land.

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