About Us

Crossroads Community Church was built, by faith, on the command of God. While walking across an old tobacco field, one day, God told Evangelist Bibey to build a Church. Acting on faith, without a congregation, David Bibey and his wife Debbie borrowed the money to build Crossroads Community Church. God immediately began to bless this outreach.


Within a year, they were sent to Russia, Romania and Haiti to establish Churches. Thousands were saved. Later, God sent them to Africa, Jamaica, Guam, Philippines, Honduras, Costa Rica, Argentina and El Salvador to tell the world of the Good News.


The ministry is now reaching over 55 countries every week by way of television on several TV stations and networks.


We minister in rest homes here locally. We have the Widows Barrel to feed the less fortunate. ( Matthew 25:35-36 )


God has blessed this ministry to help establish and build churches and food centers in Haiti, Africa, Honduras, Argentina other areas. The ministry has helped support an orphanage in Haiti that has 30 to 50 children at all times. 


The ministry has built The Hands Of Unity Outreach Center in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This center will help feed and clothe hundreds of children and families. The ministry is seeking donations monthly to keep the center stocked with 100 lb. bags of beans, rice and corn.