2022 Volume 31 Issue 15 “Kill The Oxen”

It was probably very early one morning when this young man got up to go to work.  The weather must have been fair that day because he went to plow.  The man wasn’t the average work hand.  He knew what he was doing and he could do the work of several men.  The average man would plow with one or two yoke of oxen, but this individual used twelve yoke to get his work done.  He was minding his own business when a man passed by that would influence him and change his life forever. 

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2022 Volume 31 Issue 14 “Our Ground”

“Every place that the sole of you foot shall tread upon, that I have given unto you.”  We know these words were spoken to Joshua in the Book of Joshua 1:3, but we claim this promise for ourselves.

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2022 Volume 31 Issue 12 “A False Spirit Is Taking Over The Churches”

Many, today, are preaching what the people want to hear, but few are preaching what  they need to hear.  There’s a false spirit loosed and it’s taking over the Churches.  Paul told us to warn the people.  In II Timothy, 4:2, “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.”  The next verse explains what is going on right now before our very eyes. 

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2022 Volume 31 Issue 09 “The Prodigal Son”

In Luke Chapter 15, we find the story of two brothers.  Each had an inheritance coming to them and one brother insisted that his Dad give him his immediately.  After receiving his money, he left home and began his adventure.  He lived a sinful worldly life. 

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2022 Volume 31 Issue 08 “Knowing Who, How & Why”

My dad has been looked down upon by many of the well educated Pastors and Theologians, because of his poor grammar and his way of delivering his messages.  They may be well educated, but as my dad always says, “There’s a tremendous difference between education and knowledge.” 

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2022 Volume 31 Issue 07 “The Resurrection”

God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave Evangelist David Bibey the theme song for the Ministry.  “Jesus Is The Answer”, is heard all over the world every week.  If someone is channel surfing and they see our program coming on, but they aren’t interested in hearing a preacher, they are still hearing the message that can set them free.  Before they can switch the channel, they’re going to hear that Jesus is the answer. 

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