2023 Volume 32 Issue 02 “Battles For All Christians”

We’ve spoken to many Christians from different denominations and churches and it seems as though all Children that are on fire for Christ are in battles.  We should realize that when we’re in a great fight, that’s when we truly have to call on the Lord and trust Him for help.

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2023 Volume 32 Issue 01 2022 “A Very Blessed Year”

God has really been blessing our Ministry and those that are dedicated in supporting us.  Over the past year we have seen God’s hand move in several situations here at the ministry offices and at the Church.  We’ve seen Him roll back prices on building supplies, so low, that they even gave us some materials free.

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2022 Volume 31 Issue 24 “Just Do It”

If you’re like most people, you make excuses as to why you will do things at a later time.  Some call this, “Procrastinating”.  It seems as though we’re very talented when it comes to thinking of excuses to put off or delay doing certain things.

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2022 Volume 31 Issue 23 “How Many Stars Were Added To Your Crown This Year?”

There are many that could care less about this subject, but this is one group of believers that are truly concerned about our accounts in Heaven.  We believe God’s Word and we’re planning to spend eternity with King Jesus.  We know the Bible says in I Corinthians 3:14-15 that if our works are good we shall receive a reward and if our works are bad, we shall suffer loss.

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2022 Volume 31 Issue 22 “The Price That Was Paid”

Let’s hope we all can agree that America is the greatest nation in the world.  You can travel from the rocky coast of Maine to the sandy shores of California; from the beaches of sunny Florida to the great redwood trees of Washington;  from the great lakes to the Gulf of Mexico;  from the Smokey Mountains to the Rocky Mountains;  from the Outer Banks to the Grand Canyon and you’ll not find another nation, on the face of this earth, as great as America.  However, let’s examine our history for a moment.  For the past 200 plus years,  a very great price has been paid for our greatness.

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2022 Volume 31 Issue 21 “Trying Times”

Some people don’t understand the meaning of the phrase, “Trying Times.”  Sometimes, when you are faced with a trying situation and you can’t understand why it’s happening to you, it could be a test to see how you will handle it.  We are firm believers that, Satan can do absolutely nothing without God’s permission or without God allowing it. 

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2022 Volume 31 Issue 20 “The Touch”

How can anyone love their possessions more than the Lord?  There was a very wealthy tax collector, in the Bible, named Zacchaeus.  We find his story in Luke 19:1-10.  We learn that Zacchaeus was a small man in stature.  He had heard of this man Jesus and wanted to see Him.

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