2021 Volume 30 Issue 21 “Vacations Can Be Harmful”

Of course we are referring to the Ministries’ financial stability. It’s that time of year that every one that can, is heading out on vacation and has relaxing on their minds. For many, it takes every penny they can muster up just to be able to take their families on a small vacation…

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2021 Volume 30 Issue 20 “Kept By The Power Of God”

t’s amazing that there are so many so called, “Men and Women” of God that will not accept God’s Word as it is written. It seems that there is a spirit that is loosed to deceive so many that claim to be Christians. The Word of God is absolute, it never wavers, it never changes…

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2021 Volume 30 Issue 19 “Sin Has To Leave The Building”

Light and darkness cannot occupy the same space. A room can be so dark that you can’t see your hand in front of your face and as soon as a light is turned on, the darkness leaves. The same is true of good and evil. Evil cannot occupy the same space as good, one has to leave…

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2021 Volume 30 Issue 17 “There’s A Battle Raging”

Some of you will know what we’re speaking of when we say,that the children of God are in a serious battle with the devil. Satan knows that time is short and  he’s doing all he can to hinder Christians from spreading the gospel. It’s his duty to steal the joy from all Christians…

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2021 Volume 30 Issue 16 “Blood Covenant”

He made with us. The New Testament is the Covenant and it’s actually a contract between God and man. It contains the things God requires of us during our lives here on this earth, as well as, the promises He makes to us…

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2021 Volume 30 Issue 15 “The Christian Prayer”

Father, we come before you today asking for forgiveness of our sins and to seek guidance and direction. We know your Word says, “Woe to those that call evil good.” This is exactly what we h ave done. We have completely lost our morals and reversed our values…

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2021 Volume 30 Issue 14 “Christian Faith”

Each of us know God’s word says, “All we have to do is believe and we shall receive.”We know this to be true, but there are other considerations we must take to our understanding. One must truly believe 100% in order to move God’s hand…

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