2021 Volume 30 Issue 12 “Christians Missing In Action”

As the coming of the, “Day of the Lord” gets closer, we are seeing very few Christians standing on the Battlefield. More and more are missing in action. It’s sad to say, but it seems easier for Christians to compromise with the world than to take a strict stand for what’s right…

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2021 Volume 30 Issue 11 “A Word From God”

God speaks to His children and says, “My Children that have been obedient will see things that they have desired to see and My Children that have been disobedient will see things that they do not want to see.” Then He allows blessings to come down from Heaven and be poured out upon His Children, those that have bee loyal serving Him…

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2021 Volume 30 Issue 10 “When the Blood is Applied”

Egypt had a stronghold on Israel. They had them in bondage to the point that Israel was screaming out for help. God heard their cry and sent His deliverer, Moses. Now, we were about in the same position as Israel. We were held captive by satan, miserable and searching to be set free until God heard our cries and sent His deliverer, Jesus, to set us free…

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2021 Volume 30 Issue 9 “Walking Through the Valley”

Many of you may be walking through a valley at some point in your life or maybe you’re in a valley now. It’s not a pleasant place to be, but it’s a place of learning and growing. One of the greatest problems people have when they find themselves in a valley, they allow fear to come upon them…

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2021 Volume 30 Issue 8 “Trials and Temptations”

Have you ever stopped and wondered the truth? It simply amazes us to see how people react to the Word of God. We’ve seen people come to Crossroads Church and just Praise the Lord for finding a Church where they could learn the truth and verify the teachings with the Bible…

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